Practice FREE JUPEB Islamic Religious Studies Art- J125 Past Questions Essay and Objectives

46. “Man ahdathafīAmrināhādhā ma laysaminihufahuwaradd” is found in the


A.  HadīthFive of an-Nawawī B.  Hadīth One of an-Nawawī C.  Hadīth Two of an-Nawawī D.  Hadīth Three of an-Nawawī

47. The real name of Imam al-Bukhari is

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A.  Ismail ibnMuḥammad

B.  Muḥammadibn Ismail

C.  Abu Abdullah ibn Ismail

D.  Abu Ismail ibnMuḥammad

48. The documentation of Hadīth began in the reign of… A.  The Prophet

B.  AbūBakr

C.  cUmarbn al-Khattāb

D.  cUmarbncAbdul-cAzīz

49. Innamal-A’mālbinniyāt… is an example of

A.  HadīthGarīb

B.  HadīthMutawātir

C.  HadīthMursal

D.  Hadīthan-Nawawī

50. The main theme of Hadīth Five of an-Nawawī is… A.  Pillar of Islam

B.  The Human destiny

C.  The human creation

D.  Warning against innovation in the matter of religion

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