Practice JUPEB LITERATURE-IN-ENGLISH: ART- J126 Past Questions Essay and Objectives

41. The hero of the extract is


A.  Sango

B.  Amusa

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C.  De Pereira

D. the crowd

42. The expression ‘… like a cork on an angry sea’, exemplifies

A. simile

B. oxymoron

C. metaphor

D. personification

43. The passage uses                    narrative view point.

A. first person

B. second person

C. third person

D. all-knowing

44. The mood of the extract towards the end is that of

A. danger

B. excitement C. indifference D. formality

Study the poem below and answer the questions which follow it

If you think me too generous

With this thing the Lord gave, freely to me Then you do not know this man-made life How cruel and stingy it’s been to me

You do not know hunger is a god that gnaws

And when it does decency is ignored

(culled from Taiwo Oloruuntoba-Oju’s Song of the lady giver)

45. What is the subject-matter of this poem?

A.  Food

B.   Wealth

C.   Sex

D.   Talent

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