Practice FREE JUPEB VISUAL ARTS: ARTS-J128 Past Questions Essay and Objectives

16.                   Cold and hot dyes are dye types.


A. True

B. False

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C. true and false

D. true or false.

17.                   In Nigeria, which culture is NOT said to have very early bead history?

A. Igbo-Ukwu

B. Ife

C. Benin

D.  Oyo

18.                   What are findings in jewelry making?

A.  They  are  little  metals  and  plastics  made  to  enable  you  the  finished beadwork.

B. They are metallic substances that attract small beads together for easy holding.

C. They are little metals and plastics that come between beaded beads

D. They are metal substances that create their own interesting patterns in beadwork.

19.                   The local goldsmith tools are made by the ………………..

A. machine turner

B. blacksmith C. iron bender D. tool miller

20.                   One of these goldsmith tools cannot be easily fabricated locally in Nigeria?

A. Butane gas cylinder

B. Lamp with woolen wick

C. Crucibles

D. Forge and bellows

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