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Killings And Banditry: The Rich Now Cry, They Are Becoming The Ultimate Targets


Killings And Banditry: The Wealthy Now Cry, They Are Changing into The Final Targets

Nigerian is present process a revolution. There may be rising desperation amongst the poor for survival. The preliminary desperation to amass wealth started with the wealthy, the poor have now joined within the desperation for survival via essentially the most crude and legal approach.

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Desperation is in it is peak within the Nigeria of at present; even the helpless poor are devising new legal methods of survival. Ironically, the large thieves are very quick to model bandits and different criminals as enemies of Nigeria  whereas sustaining a sanctimonious disposition.  The security of stolen wealth makes them  neglect that they’re the initiators of poverty that triggered the scramble for scarce assets by the rising class of determined killers.  The selection of criminality has change into a sole supply of survival   for these concerned in crime and killings at present

Greed and corruption has put 70% of Nigerian assets within the fingers of about 1% of wealthy few. Few people  amassed wealth in a approach that they grew to become richer than the wealth of the nation. They lived in squalor and exhibited nice conceitedness attribute of the wealthy. They uncared for poor and left them  continually bruised; residing in perpetual lack and generally dying for lack of meals or lack of cash for hospital payments or struggling as a results of poor infrastructures, missing education and watching in frustration as the wealthy displayed their ill-gotten wealth in utmost impunity

The poor plenty that when have been snug with peanuts and crumbs from the tables of politicians, the alamajiris that was happy with begging, the political thug that felt happy and worshiped the politicians that purchased weapons for them, the cultists that joined cultistism and was continually paying dues to a merchantry Capone are not snug and appears empowered to combat again for freedom and survival

Chaos and lawlessness has set in.  The poor revolutionary motion is motivated by desperation and blind seek for survival utilizing essentially the most crude means.  They aren’t deterred by any power of regulation;  life in penury has change into so depressing that they don’t have any possibility than to decide on the worst kind of criminals with a disposition to die somewhat than continually dwell in poverty.  Crime is now an possibility for his or her survival, the brand new philosophy of those criminals hinges on desire to die than to proceed residing within the pangs of abject poverty.

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The determined gang of the struggling poor are forming teams amongst themselves,  they’re indoctrinated into essentially the most determined possibility for survival. Medication, alcohol and survival by killing have change into their inventory in commerce. These criminals do not care about life, their actions is just not justifiable by any normal; if not beneath what logic can somebody justify a gang of bandits going right into a village for wanton killings, kidnapping, and raping of harmless people?

Whereas killings within the North is very large and types headlines, these within the South continues to be unreported in pretense that every one is effectively. Within the South, the unreasonable poor man soaked in tramadol and onerous medication and in a desperation for survival kill themselves in cultism, electoral violence, communal disaster,  militancy and so on in a wrestle for supremacy and management of scarce assets

The revolution of over 90% of the deserted helpless poor has simply begun. The nation is in it is worst second of insecurity with solely lower than 5% of it is unemployed inhabitants taking to arms and criminality to outlive. How rather more if the proportion will increase as a results of the intuition of self preservation and survival of the fittest?

The revolution is actual with a capability to tear Nigeria aside. The wealthy appears disposed to proceed with telling lies. They collect in Nationwide Assembly, Authorities Homes, security conferences and plan solely on learn how to exterminate the category of determined poor which have chosen survival via determined and most crude means. The wealthy are nonetheless residing within the fantasy with none efforts to handle the problems of poverty, unemployment, crumbling infrastructures, collapsed academic system, jumbo pay for legislators and political workplace holders, corruption and so on that’s on the root of all criminality in Nigeria.

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The wealthy particularly politicians ought to not be allowed to play the ostrich however be boldly informed that they’re extra legal than the bandits, kidnappers, armed robbers, cultists, assassins, militants and so on. They should be made to chop their salaries and give attention to lowering poverty.

We’ve got lived the phantasm that anybody can dwell secured when he enriches himself and impoverishes others. The phantasm makes the wealthy to be blind to the pure regulation that survival is the best motivation for all human morality. Let’s not faux,  the revolution that has led to insecurity within the nation will proceed unabated with extra poor defenseless plenty  becoming a member of the gang of criminals if the difficulty of poverty in Nigerians is just not rapidly addressed

The Buhari’s administration can solely succeed when it give attention to preventing corruption,  chopping on bogus pay of politicians and making certain a good distribution of revenue in a approach that every one Nigerians might be supplied with not less than the fundamental wants of meals, shelter and clohings.

There may be an excessive amount of turenchi particularly within the Nationwide Assembly, a lot work is dependent upon how briskly they will make legal guidelines that can higher the residing situations of the poor than there disposition to fortify the security equipment and make stricter legal guidelines for bandits and criminals.

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The true criminals are the wealthy not bandits and criminals. Fixing the inequality in distribution of wealth  is essential to our unity.

Let the revolution proceed, however the goal must be on the wealthy. Sadly the poor criminals have seen that they will solely survive via crime. The Niger Delta Militants and their survival via crime stays the underlying philosophy that defines the actual motivation of the current day revolution of the poor via the channel of crime

I’m under no circumstances encouraging killings in Nigeria, I stay probably the most  affected sufferer of crime, mine is to current the the forgotten a part of the story that’s suppressed by our pretentious and opportunistic  leaders in government

Joseph Odok PhD Esq 
Director Media and Strategic Communications COBOM

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