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Photos: Spouse Of Abia Lawmaker-Elect Badly Battered By Her Husband


Examination by Igbere TV has uncovered that Mrs Chinyere Chukwu, spouse of Lawmaker-choose, Hon Chijioke Chukwu, is in a harsh association with her significant other.

Chinyere, mother of two, is the second spouse of Hon Chukwu.

Chukwu is part choose speaking to Bende North State Constituency in Abia State House of Assembly.


He was chosen on the stage of the decision All Progressives Congress (APC) amid the last House of Assembly race.

Sources disclosed to Igbere TV that Chinyere, who is a built up agents, has been suffering aggressive behavior at home for quite a while in her marriage yet matters have deteriorated of late, subsequently, the marriage is nearly breaking separated as the spouse have chosen to leave the marriage.

Preceding this minute, Chukwu has been depicted in the media as a quiet and agreeable man.

Sources who are aware of the happenings inside the Chukwus’ stormy marriage unveiled that, regardless of being a second spouse, Chinyere is as yet compliant, deferential, unattractive, “which is hard to discover among women nowadays.”

As indicated by our source, Chinyere had ceaselessly been battered by her ‘oppressive spouse.’

“At first when she griped about the oppressive idea of her better half, I resembled ‘disregard him now’, yet we contemplated together and understood that the man wouldn’t quit beating her.

“At some point back, her significant other beat her up and challenged her to answer to any NGO or Government Agency, adding that nothing is going to left it.”

Igbere TV accumulated that push to rescue the relationship has been on squint as Chinyere had abandoned Chukwu and many individuals are encouraging her to leave the marriage.

Another source proposed that Chukwu, being a conspicuous lawmaker, may have kept an unbridled life which his better half most likely restricted prompting the constant battering, a case Igbere TV could, be that as it may, not set up as at press time.

Whenever reached, Chukwu revealed to Igbere TV that the claims were not valid, demanding that he has never had any battle with his better half. Nonetheless, selective photographs of Chinyere gotten by Igbere TV, demonstrated her face including her eyes were puffy and brimming with tears, recommending that she may have been genuinely battered by her better half who had before denied the report.

“Let the individual who gave you my number give you my home location in Abuja, I have neighbors. Proceed to ask my neighbors, ‘what sort of individual is this man?. Has he at any point mishandled his better half, or has his significant other been manhandling him?’. When you are finished with that, let that equivalent individual give you the name of the congregation I go to too in Abuja, and let my minister talk with you.

“I accept once you are finished with that, you will have no compelling reason to call me for an ‘adjusted report’. My neighbors will give you a fair report, and my minister as well.

“Yet, when they get done with talking with you and you are not persuaded, call me. I will give you names of two major identities in the general public for you to confirm from. Be that as it may, I trust you will have no compelling reason to call me since every one of your inquiries more likely than not been replied by my neighbors and my minister.”

He, in any case, proclaimed, “I have quite recently dealt with a circumstance. In the event that she can battle neighbors transparently for no worthy motivation, you can envision what she can do at home.”

“I have never beaten her, I don’t beat ladies, I have regard for them. However, on the off chance that I talk (with you), you will assume I am just attempting to guard myself, so I shouldn’t be the one talking, let my neighbors talk with you to discover the sort of individual you are managing.”

Be that as it may, when our journalist educated him that a portion of his neighbors have just been addressed, Chukwu interposed, saying, “at that point you would have known reality at this point.”

“I trust you went to the correct location (house). I have lived there for a long time, no one even realize that I remain there on the grounds that I come in discreetly and move out quietly…until she came.”

Responding, Chinyere affirmed she was in a harsh association with her better half, yet declined further remarks on the issue.

“Did you talk with Hon. Chijioke himself?,” she questioned. “Indeed”, our reporter reacted.

“All things considered, I figure he ought to be in a superior position to respond to your inquiries on the grounds that … (sic). Truly, I was in an oppressive association with him. However, that is everything I can reveal to you now.”

Notwithstanding, when stood up to with Chukwu’s case that she battles her neighbors, Chinyere invalidated the charges demanding that she had never had any battle with her neighbors “till date.”

“I battle my neighbors?. For what reason will I battle my neighbors?. We remained in a three room loft, so for what reason will I go out and battle my neighbors for Christ purpose? That is an allegation, I never battled my neighbors.”

Chinyere revealed to Igbere TV that Chukwu requested her to pack out of their home, after which she went out, while pronouncing that she never again talks with her significant other.

As indicated by her, Chukwu offered guidelines to his kin to pummel her, and she was beaten.

She stated: “He (Chukwu) drove me out of the house. Chijioke gave a request to his kin to thump me, and I was beaten. I know how frequently Chijioke has beaten me. So I see no motivation behind why he needs to deny that.”

Gotten some information about the beginning of the issue, Chinyere pronounced, “I wouldn’t state more than that for my children.”

Photos Spouse Of Abia Lawmaker-Elect Badly Battered By Her HusbandPhotos Spouse Of Abia Lawmaker-Elect Badly Battered By Her Husband1Photos Spouse Of Abia Lawmaker-Elect Badly Battered By Her Husband2

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