Man Bags 10 years Imprisonment For Stabbing Woman With Semen-filled Syringe In A Supermarket

Thomas approached a woman who was getting a grocery cart and stabbed her buttocks with a semen-filled needle.


A court has sentenced a 53-year-old pervert identified as Thomas Byron Stemen to 10 years imprisonment for stabbing a woman with a semen-filled syringe in a supermarket.

In February 2020, Thomas Stemen approached a woman identified as Katie Peters at Christopher’s Fine Foods in Maryland, US, as she was getting a grocery cart and stabbed her buttocks with a semen-filled needle.

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In a CCTV footage shared online, the woman turned around after being attacked and can be seen looking at the floor to try and understand what happened.

He then kept following Mrs Peters and leaves the store after she gets out.

The victim said she confronted Stemen after the attack, and called her son when she started to feel a burning sensation and found a puncture wound on herself when she got into her car to go home.

Peters told Fox5;

“I started driving home (and) it started hurting really bad.

“I called my son and said, ‘Something’s not right, I hope nothing happens. I hope I make it home, I love you’.

“I have no clue what was in that needle. It could be rat poison, HIV, I don’t know what’s in that needle.”

Police said he also tried to stab two other people before he stabbed the woman. Security operatives who searched Stemen, found another needle on him and a third in his vehicle, both of which contained semen.

The pervert was charged with assault after police were shown the footage, Anne Arundel County Police said.

Anne Arundel County Police Sgt. Jacklyn Davis said;

“If you’ve seen this video, it’s very aggressive, it’s very deliberate — and that makes us think it’s not his first time doing this.”

Stemen who pleaded guilty to last year’s supermarket assault through an Alford plea (a guilty plea where a criminal maintains their innocence), was served a warrant in 1999 as a fugitive from justice, according to Maryland online court records.

Mail Online also reported that he went to court in 2013 for a domestic violence civil suit.

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