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Man Gets HIV After Faking The Virus Status In Other To Get Financial Aid

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A Nigerian man recognized as Gbenga Samuel Wemimo has described how a man went to his office and disclosed to him he had HIV and required assistance.


Mr Wemimo who portrayed the story on Twitter said he enables the alleged HIV patient to find a new line of work and endeavored to enable him to balance out yet the man(HIV tolerant) wound up demolishing everything for himself.

“What he said

So this young fellow went to my office, he was looking incredibly worn down, he came to ask for some cash

What do you do? I asked him

Nothing sir, he answered, I am HIV positive, I need the cash to purchase my RV drugs

I gave him some cash and instructed him to come and see me the next day

When he arrived the following day, I disclosed to him that he required an occupation! What would you be able to do? He said he is a decent driver however his driver’s permit had terminated!

He went to reestablish his permit! I found him a line of work as a driver with a minister!

He continued on the primary day of the next month

Inside three days of continuing the work, he called me once more! Sir, I have been dozing in a deserted vehicle for a considerable length of time! If you don’t mind I need an advance to lease a loft! I will reimburse in bits out of my compensation! All I need is 200k!

He got it!

The minister he was working with likewise called me

The minister said the young fellow was bugging him and his better half for an advance to lease a house! That was all he discussed! “It would be ideal if you help me, I need 200k! Help me with 200k!!!” The minister said he didn’t have 200k to save, I should advise the young fellow to be proficient and carry out his responsibility

I called the young fellow! In any case, you presently have 200k, for what reason would you say you are alarming your manager?

The young fellow got irate! Is it safe to say that it was on the grounds that I had a little test and I was requesting help that they detailed me to you? They have the cash, I realize they do! They simply would prefer not to support me! Why?

I quieted him down. You are not qualified for something besides your pay! They truly didn’t require a driver! The man and his better half had constantly determined themselves! I needed to beseech them to utilize a driver realizing it is additional cash out of their pocket! Hold your head down, face your activity

He vanished seven days after the fact!

With 175k of the minister’s better half! The lady had a nursery school and pulled back the cash to pay her staff individuals their pay!

I got the call!

I was excused because of my past relationship!

The minister and his significant other were disillusioned!

Be that as it may, that is the way things are!

It’s been eleven months! At that point I saw him yesterday! He came to ask for pardoning! I disclosed to him I never disapproved! It was the minister and his significant other he expected to converse with!

“Sir, if it’s not too much trouble petition God for me! I currently have HIV sir!”

Me: You had it previously?

Him: No sir, I was lying around then!

Me: I don’t get it

Him: I lied that I had HIV with the goal that you will show benevolence toward me and help me!

By one way or another I fell wiped out a week ago and I needed to do a few tests! The outcome says I have HIV! That was the reason I came, sir! Kindly petition God for me! Kindly assistance me, sir!

Me: Wow (like an alarm)”

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