Man Is Tossed Over Wall By Angry Elk After Ignoring Warning


Colorado man is tossed over wall by angry elk after ignoring warning from bystander to stay away from the animal

Footage captured the scary moment an elk roaming through a Colorado park launched at a bystander, knocking him to the ground with its antlers after he was warned to get out of its way.

On Sunday Eric Burley, who was visiting the northern Colorado town of Estes Park, witnessed a herd of elk gather peacefully inside of Bond Park until a bull elk approached the alpha elk who was defending his harem, USA Today reported.
Burley, who was traveling from Denver, said he knew that that was his cue to back off.


The two male elks made eye contact and started showing teeth,’ Burley told FTW Outdoors. ‘That’s when I knew to clear a path between the two and let mother nature take its course.’

But other tourist in the area did not take the hint to clear out and one passerby even ignored Burley’s clear warning to get out of the way.

Burley captured the moment he tells a man in a Navy Blue puffer casually walking dangerously close a roaming elk ‘Sir, watch out, watch out!’

He was instantly flipped over a wall by the elk, who rammed into him with its antlers, causing him to land on his head and shoulders before he is quickly helped up by passers-by.

‘The person thought it would be wise to walk right in front of one of the male elks,’ Burley said. ‘This person also didn’t listen to my commands to watch out and that’s when the person got attacked.’

Source:- Daily Mail

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