Man jailed for life after fatally stabbing 70 year old grandad severally ‘just for the sake of killing somebody’

A killer who stabbed a grandfather to death "just for the sake of killing somebody" has been jailed for life.Moses Christensen, 22, was found guilty of murder in March 2021 over the killing of Richard Hall, a 70 year old grandfather.   Stafford Crown Court heard the killer drove 20 miles over several days before repeatedly stabbing his victim at Brown Clee Hill in Shropshire.He later told police he had decided to kill after crossing paths with an "easy target" before launching a random attack.  Grandfather, Hall, from Perton in south Staffordshire, suffered 26 injuries, including a "horrific" wound to his hand and another which penetrated his skull.The court heard how Christensen,  was being sought by West Midlands Police at the time after buying two combat knives and telling a relative he wanted to kill three teachers.The Judge on Thursday, April 8, Mr Justice Pepperall ruled that the murder on Thursday August 13 2020 had been premeditated and that he selected his victim as being vulnerable due to his age and the remote location, the court heard.The judge told Christensen: "This was a brutal and entirely senseless killing of an innocent stranger who had caused you no offence."You showed Mr Hall no mercy and you were later to tell the police that you felt no real remorse."Christensen has been sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 28 years.The judge said he committed the murder "with great savagery".The judge told Christensen: "I am sure that your offending was pre-meditated over, at the very least, some weeks before you murdered Mr Hall."Christensen, who has a history of depression was arrested after knocking on the door of a house and telling the occupant he had committed a crime.After being treated in hospital for a cut to his hand, Christensen told police he had wanted to kill someone "just for the sake of killing somebody" – as a "sort of lifelong desire and ambition".  The post Man jailed for life after fatally stabbing 70 year old grandad severally just for the sake of killing somebody appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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