Man Tells Sanwo-Olu To Introduce Mode Of Dressing For Ladies In Lagos (Photos)

A man has been dragged by Facebook users for a post he made, calling on the Lagos State Government to introduce mode of dressing for women in the state, NaijaCover Reports.


As Sighted By NaijaCover, The man took a photo of an unsuspecting woman in public and posted it on Facebook.

He then condemned her appearance and asked that women’s mode of dressing be regulated, NaijaCover Reports.

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However, rather than get support, he got comments asking why he’s obsessed with what a woman is wearing. Others asked why he took a photo of a woman going about her business.

Tokunbo Omolase said: “Special appeal to Governor Sanwo Olu: Kindly introduce mode of dressing for ladies in Lagos state, how can a lady dress like this at 8.04 am, Tuesday, 12th October, 2021 and leave New Garage Bariga in public commercial bus for Lekki in Lagos.”

“If parents and family members are not checking mode of dressing should government avoid their responsibility for a good Society.”

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