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Marital Unfaithfulness: Married Woman Bites The Dust While Having Sex Rollick With Lover

Marital Unfaithfulness: Married Woman Bites The Dust While Having Sex Rollick With Lover.

Bad dream has remained the main partner of a 42-year-elderly person, Gundumi Saya who purportedly baited a wedded lady, Mrs. Hajara Markus out of her wedding home for sex where she kicked the bucket while the team were occupied with unlawful issue.


Married woman dies during sex romp with lover

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Gundumi has been remanded in Jos jail by Plateau State High Court for supposedly slaughtering Mrs. Hajara amid sex. He admitted to have been having mystery sexual association with the lady when she got hitched to her significant other.

The presume who hails from Zango-Dinya town of Bassa Local Government Area of Plateau State is hitched with three spouses and 14 kids, yet at the same time appreciates keeping mistresses he lays down with outside his home. He professed to have dated Hajara amid her dynamic energetic years before she got hitched to Markus Jagaba.

Foe got up to speed with Gundumi when their sexual relationship went bad on November 21, 2018, multi day Hajara supposedly passed on engaging in sexual relations with him in a selective area in Jos.

It was assembled that the late Hajara had deceived her significant other that she was going for a wedding program at Jakandagiwa town in Bauchi State and requested for consent to be away for some days. She anyway exploited the wedding to go for the additional conjugal issue that took her life.

As indicated by his announcement to police documented before Justice Daniel Longji of the Plateau State High Court, Jos, Gundumi, contended that he doesn’t contribute to the demise of his ex-darling, Hajara yet conceded he was as one with her when she passed on.

Gundumi, who is cooling his heels at the Jos Prison, was accused of at fault manslaughter, an offense he supposedly dedicated on November 21, 2018.

The police affirmed that Gundumi, on that game changing day submitted the demonstration of infidelity with the perished when he attracted her out of her wedding home to have sex with her, an offense that repudiated area 368 of the Penal Code.

It was uncovered that Gundumi purposefully dumped the body of the expired by the roadside, after he understood that she had passed on while they were having intercourse. He was blamed for declining to illuminate the police regarding Hajara’s demise, accordingly negating areas 189 and 102 of the Penal Code.

How it occurred

In his announcement, he denied executing his sweetheart, expressing that he woke up to have intercourse to her amidst the night just to locate her dead.

“I have known Hajara before she got hitched; we have been seeing someone quite a while. In the middle of, she got hitched and got separated from twice, yet despite everything we continued seeing each other until she got hitched again a couple of years back.

“At whatever point I needed to have sexual association with her, I welcome her to the bramble where we will ‘get our fun’, and she will return home. On the said date, we masterminded to meet at my companion’s place, one Ojukwu, who is likewise hitched, after she revealed to her significant other that she was going for a wedding in Bauchi State.

“As concurred, we met at Ojukwu’s home and he (Ojukwu), gave us a space to pass the night. Ojukwu’s better half later sent a kid with ‘garri’ (cassava flour), and kuli-kuli (groundnut cake), to Hajara, which she doused and took, after which she resigned to rest.

“I woke up at 2 am to have intercourse to her, however found that she was unmoving. I rapidly rushed to Ojukwu’s space to caution him, yet his significant other disclosed to me that he didn’t rest at home.”

Gundumi was left in perplexity, he picked his telephone and called Ojukwu to illuminate him regarding the disaster and recommended that the issue ought to be accounted for to the police. Be that as it may, his companion, Ojukwu supposedly demanded that the issue ought not be accounted for to the police since it would arrive him stuck in an unfortunate situation.

Gundumi in his announcement asserted that Ojukwu prompted him to dump the body by the roadside, which the two of them did, and went their different ways. Six days after Hajara’s dormant body was dumped, there was bustle before his home and as he peeped through the window, he found that policemen had raged his home to capture him.

His surrender

Fortunately, he got away inside the shrub and remained there for three days after which his little girl called to disclose to him that the police had removed his senior sibling. “I felt awful when I heard that tragic news that my sibling had been removed by the police and I chose to surrender myself to the police”.

Gundumi demanded that he had no deliver the demise of the lady. “I didn’t slaughter her. Be that as it may, I may not know whether my companion’s significant other harmed the ‘garri’ she gave her since that was the exact opposite thing she took before heading to sleep.”

Her significant other opens up

The perished spouse, Mr Markus Jagaba, 44, in his announcement, expressed that his significant other took authorization from him to go to a wedding at Jakandangiwa town in Bauchi State. Jagaba added that he enabled her to go in light of the fact that it was a family event and he didn’t presume that she was going to meet another man.

“My significant other revealed to me she would go to a family event at Jakandangiwa town in Bauchi State. I didn’t contend with her. I just enabled her to go in light of the fact that I didn’t realize she had different plans.

“I wound up stressed when she didn’t return home after the wedding and did not react to my telephone calls. I called her relatives and was stunned to discover that she was not at the wedding.

“When we didn’t see her in the wake of seeking all over, my family and I revealed the issue to the police after which I was called by the police, some days after the fact, to come over and recognize the cadaver which I affirmed to be my wife’s.”


Source: The Sun News

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