Married Man Abandons Sidechick In Hotel Room, Rapes 19-year-old Receptionist


A married man who lodged in Mutab Hotel and Suites on Abeokuta Street, Ebute Metta, Lagos State with his girlfriend has been arrested for having unlawful carnal knowledge of the hotel receptionist.

The man identified only as Fuad is said to have left his girlfriend in the hotel room and allegedly r*ped the 19-year-old hotel receptionist in a toilet in the hotel.

The receptionist was asleep at the reception on Saturday, Nov. 20, when one of the guests woke her up at midnight and requested a towel.


She went to the backyard of the hotel to get the towel and was on her way to attend to the guest when she felt the urge to urinate, Punch reports.

The victim told the publication that she stopped to urinate in the general toilet in the backyard when Fuad accosted her inside the toilet.

She said, “He wore only his underpants when he blocked me inside the toilet. I saw a bottle with him and he said if I refused to have s3x with him, he would use the bottle to kill me. He r*ped me inside the toilet and after he was done, he left me there. The incident happened between 12 midnight and 1am on Saturday when everybody was asleep.”

“I was also asleep until one of our customers woke me up and said that he needed a towel. I was the one who attended to him (Fuad) when he came with his girlfriend to lodge in our hotel. He paid N5,000 for the room. He must have seen me when I went to pick the towel as he left his girlfriend inside the room, blocked me inside the toilet and r*ped me there.

“I reported the incident to my manager, Mr Ali, who raised the alarm in the morning. Mr Ali and my colleagues went to Fuad’s room, apprehended him and it was at that point that his girlfriend knew what he did. My manager and colleagues saw the bottle Fuad used to threaten me inside the toilet.”

The owner of the hotel, Mutairu Oke, said the suspect was handed over to the police, adding that the receptionist was taken to the hospital for treatment.

He said, “Immediately I was informed in the morning, I instructed my workers to apprehend him. I rushed down to the hotel and took him to the Denton Police Station. Fuad is currently detained there.”

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