Meet The Nigerian Lady Who Spent 13 Hours Riding From Lagos To Abuja On A Bike (Photos)

Fehintoluwa Okegbenle, a Nigerian lady has taken to social media to celebrate her win after successfully completing a trip from Lagos to Abuja on a bike.


Okegbenle shared some pictures of herself and others that embarked on the journey on her Twitter page.

According to her, it took them 13 hours to get to Abuja on a bike.

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She said she got a lot of discouragements when she set out to embark on the journey, but she didn’t give up.

Captioning the pictures, Okegbenle with the handle @FehinLean wrote: “Journey from Abuja to Lagos on 2 wheels. It took 13 hours. It tested my skills, my stamina, and my general strength. You see ehn, if you don’t believe in yourself nobody will.

“I got a lot of No’s to do this trip but I did it anyways and I conquered. Where next?”

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