“My Fiance’s Ex Is Fabricating Lies Against Me”


Hello nairalanders, I need your opinions on this matter.

My boyfriend of 3 years who is now my fiancee (we are talking marriage already) is constantly talking to his ex girlfriend (who is now married).

They discuss all manner of things, ranging from how she misses him and wished she had waited for him.


Trouble started when he told her he was planning to settle down (I still wonder why he told her) ever since she’s always coming up with pots of lies against me. She claims someone told her so many things about me.

She fabricating lies isn’t my major concern because I know once something good is about to happen the devil comes in many ways than one to destroy it.

I’ve told my man all about my past life and everything in it, recently he accused me of withholding some information of my past. The ex girlfriend had a chat with and told him things I don’t even know about.

Nairalanders this lady is married, why is she poke nosing into our affair?? If she loved him that much, why did she marry another man?? Why is my man giving her audience Is he still in love with her I know she’s obsessed about me. Her constant chats with him, makes him accuse me of things I’ve never done in my entire life.

I told him we should suspend the marriage until he’s done with his investigation since he doesn’t believe me cos he said if he finds out something I did in my past in the future and I didn’t tell him it will be a problem.

Admins pls push to front page.

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