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Nation-building: Things are not well for Nigeria — Wike

Nation-building: Things are not well for Nigeria — Wike

Rivers under you will be great, Anglican Primate tells Wike

Nation-building: Things are not well for Nigeria — Wike
Governor Nyesom Wike of Cross River State.

By Egufe Yafugborhi – Port Harcourt


Governor Nyesom Wike has said Nigeria is currently not fairing well as a nation due to her twisted practice of federalism that is eroding unity among the federating units.

To change this narrative, Wike, during Friday interactions with visiting Primate of the All Nigeria Anglican Communion, Most Rev. Henry Chukwuka Ndukuba, at Government House Port Harcourt, Rivers state, urged those seeking secession to shun such agitation and embrace restructuring.

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He said, “We need the unity of this country. What everybody is talking about is the restructuring of this country. If we are practising federalism, let it be federalism. We can’t be talking about federalism, but we are practising a unitary system of government”. On role of the church under the circumstance, the Governor told the Primate, “This is the time for the church not to be docile, time for the church to speak out. When society is bad, it affects the church. When governance is bad, it affects the church.

“Nobody can run away from it, things are not working well in the country. The way the country is supposed to be is not where we are. Even when you are in the pulpit, it is an opportunity to speak to your members that things are not well”

Meanwhile, the Anglican Primate, Most Rev. Ndukuba, said in a time of uncertainty in the country, the church was very proud of the steps and stance Governor Wike has taken on critical issues.

He told the Governor, “We come not only to encourage you as the Lord encouraged Joshua, but believe as the Lord was with Joshua, He will be with you. He will strengthen you, and under your leadership, this state will know the greatest, development, and peace.

“The Lord God Almighty who called you and gave you this opportunity, will not leave you nor forsake you. Only be strong and courageous. We are proud of you.

We are very proud of the steps, stands you have taken, and the way you have demonstrated your love for God and for the people because governance is a sacred trust. And indeed we have seen you demonstrate that very well.”


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