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Nigerian football system has been hijacked:Taribo West

Taribo West, former Nigerian player has disclosed that the Nigerian football system has been hijacked by corrupt elements.

Mr West, who made this known during an exclusive interview with The PUNCH, added that it’s time for persons with integrity to helm the affairs of Nigeria’s football.

His comments come after the #EndSARS protests against police brutality in Nigeria.

The former Inter Milan defender believes such reforms should affect the Nigeria Football Federation, and he’s ready to lead a protest to see that happen.

West who believes corrupt officials run Nigeria’s football, said he is going to ensure such people are booted out.

“We are going to protest against those that have hijacked our football system,” Taribo told The Punch.

“Everything happening #EndSARS in the Nigerian system must also affect the football house. ‘People with integrity must run the football house because money that has been siphoned, embezzled & mismanaged can’t be quantified.

“Work of God is in my spirit, but football is in my blood. I’ll lead a protest against the mismanagement of funds in Nigerian football,” the Atlanta Olympic gold medalist added.

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