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Nigerians And Sense! This Happened At The Bank Yesterday Night (PLEASE READ)

So, I took 5k from home to buy one or two foodstuffs at the market.

Sadly, I exhausted the money and I needed to buy more drinking water since the last one I bought has almost finished.


I calmly headed to the bank and a man on a military trouser was using one of the two working ATMs out of the 7 or thereabout.

It got to my turn and I said to the man at my back to be patient that will be withdrawing 10x.

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He impatiently looked at me as if I was joking.

I withdrew 1, 2, 3, and going to the 4th one, he said, “Oga, as you see me so, I no get money and I only want to withdraw 1k and run back home.”

I hate disturbing people just the same way I hate being disturbed.

I turned and gave him free 1k from my money, and he was shocked by my kindness.

He profusely thanked me and zoomed on.

I don’t value money, I value peace of mind more, but this doesn’t mean I waste more no, I don’t.

As I was on my 7th withdrawal, another man wanted to act smart by complaining and saying I will finish the money and all he wants to withdraw is just 1k only 1k.

In my mind, I knew this is going to become a trend if I give this second guy, so I didn’t reply him but continued withdrawing.

They started murmuring and all that. After the 9th withdrawal, I decided to terminate the transaction to enable others to withdraw.

Sadly, someone said, “You for finish all the money an, why you stop?”

I was somewhat upset, but I kept quiet and humbly walked out.

My question is:-

Why Are We Nigerians Like This? Impatient, Angry, Abusive, And Rude?

What is the cause of this? When they don’t benefit from you, they see you as a stingy and wicked person. Why?

Any time I go withdraw money from 100k and above at the ATM, people at my back are always angry and impatient as if it’s their money I’m withdrawing.

When I was awake at night writing the contents that fetched me these ‘free money’ I regularly withdraw whenever I’m broke, were they there?

This impatience is getting out of hand and it’s one of the reasons most of us are poor or commit crimes easily.

We want things to move faster than they were programmed to.

What Do You Think?

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