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Two NYPD Officers Commit Suicide In 24-Hours


Two individuals from the New York Police Department passed on by suicide inside the course of 24 hours, Commissioner James O’Neill said on Thursday.

NYPD Officers Commit Suicide

In a note to individuals from the office, he urged people to look for assistance if necessary, saying the NYPD is the biggest police division in the United States, with roughly 36,000 officers and 19,000 non military personnel representatives.


O’Neill’s message peruses in full:

“We are grieving the passing of two individuals from our NYPD family this week, both of whom kicked the bucket by suicide in independent occurrences under 24 hours separated. “Regardless of whether you are discouraged, experiencing a partition, having money related troubles, feeling nervousness, or whatever else, you are never alone. Nothing is ever sad.

“We can’t avoid this unfathomably significant exchange. We should not imagine that these things don’t occur, or that such sad passings are some way or another an unavoidable truth. Critically, we can’t sit inertly by and simply supplicate that they don’t occur once more. We need to make a move now. We need to examine emotional wellness.

“Every one of us is committed to the significant business of battling wrongdoing and guarding New Yorkers. What’s more, this is a monstrously extreme activity. However, your own life can be much harder. You may have no clue your office colleague — or your area accomplice, even — is managing a test for which they see no positive goals.

“Be that as it may, you have to know, and dependably recall: What appears to be terrible today, totally will be progressively reasonable tomorrow. The initial move toward an answer is addressing somebody. Furthermore, in case you’re stressed over a companion or associate, you can make a classified referral to our Employee Assistance Unit for their benefit.

“This is tied in with keeping our family sound — and about sparing lives. Your employments necessitate that you spend such a large amount of your work day helping individuals in emergency. However, before you can deal with others, it’s basic that you first deal with yourselves.

“Looking for assistance is never an indication of shortcoming — it’s an indication of incredible quality. Prepared individuals will tune in and associate you with much more assistance, nonstop. I beseech you to search out — or to help other people find — the help that is so promptly accessible to every one of us. “Much obliged to you for what you do each day and, it would be ideal if you generally remain safe.”


James P. O’Neill

Police Commissioner

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