OAU Post UTME 2019 | How To Prepare And Pass OAU Post JAMB

OAU Post UTME 2019 | How To Prepare And Pass OAU Post JAMB. Call 08038644328 Akahi Tutors. Obafemi Awolowo University is a standout amongst the most lofty Universities to consider in Nigeria. Today, I have chosen to walk you through your journey for confirmation; you will pick up everything about passing oau post utme just as the entire strides to plan for oau post utme.

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I can hardly wait to see you wear that Matriculation outfit this session.

Tune in, life as a subject has two significance’s; it is possible that you fall flat or succeed. Numerous individuals will compose this test you’re going to take (oau Post Utme) and in the end come up short.

In any case, would i be able to state this? Your own circumstance will be for better, subsequent to perusing the entire of this, you will have wings to fly and contact the sky, and think about what! You are going to pick up confirmation this year.

In any case, on our post utme instructional exercise, you can pursue our different articles for different schools post utme.

Presently, how about we get down to the most intriguing school, Obafemi Awolowo University.

It couldn’t be any more obvious, It is easy to pass Oau (Obafemi Awolowo University) post utme test; Like extremely straightforward and I would not joke about this.

Be that as it may because of the high number of applying understudies, I can’t resist the urge to state it would not be so natural for you; the quantity of understudies who will sit for Oau present utme equality on the quantity of candidates is assessed to associate with 40, 000 ( Forty Thousand), starting at 2019/2019 session.

Give me a chance to put it to you along these lines, you have 40, 000 understudies to rival, in the current year’s oau post utme screening test, of which just 11% would be given affirmation.

Truly, you heard that right!

Obviously, oau post utme is very simple, and not so mind boggling, however the issue on ground is parallel to the challenge, of which you should score high to adjust the condition.

Having been that the challenge is less, at that point I could have promised you a positive achievement.

In any case, the case is the switch, and to that light, I am going to show you how to score high in oau present utme all together on outperform the challenge.

Note: If your Ideal objective right presently is on the best way to Pass oau post utme, at that point I will essentially tell you that it is more than horse perusing.

You know why? Everybody is going to peruse as you will, so what I show the understudy who visits my blog on test achievement is preceding what I am going to show you as well.

We show the genuine equations, traps and well ordered methodology.

In that note, I am going to give you enough quality, data, a thought that will surely make you score higher than any other person.

Before we begin, I have a few inquiries for you

How great would you say you are in addressing post utme questions quick?

Have you composed Oau post utme previously?

Try not to stress, it doesn’t make a difference in case you’re only a normal student or you are not overly quick as required when responding to questions.

It doesn’t make a difference if this is your first time to compose Oau post utme or not.

All you have to think about oau Post Utme is actually before you at this moment.

The issue is most understudies are constantly hesitant to scan for data as much as required concerning the establishment they connected for and what is expected to pass the post test.

Furthermore, yet again, regardless of whether you’re frightened of passing post utme, today will end that part.

Welcome to the new part where you will be conceded 99% achievement.

Step by step instructions to Prepare for oau Post Utme from beginning to end.

Do you know what a great many people think?

They think the best time to get ready for a test is the point at which the test is close.

Truly, 88% of an understudy just get ready at the perishing minute.

It’s really founded on how much that understudy knows, however I need to reveal to you that two weeks or one-month readiness can’t give you that high score you have the right to pick up entrance into oau.

Never for once have I told any of my blog perusers that they can make accomplishment by getting ready before the test date.

Indeed, a great many people do that and succeed, much the same as I said it is base on what you have upstairs ( in your cerebrum).

Indeed, even at that, I should reveal to you reality that early planning issues.

“Try not to go close to the water until you figure out how to swim”

Give me a chance to summarize that; Before you compose oau post time, you should be completely set you up, need to gain proficiency with everything you can or don’t go there.

I am going to tell you the best way to get ready for oau post utme and score extremely high.

Here are nine Important Steps to get ready for Oau Post Utme.

1. Mood killer Every TV:

I miss those occasions when we didn’t have any such thing as a TV. Our lives despite the fact that it was neighborhood was sans diversion.

Nowadays, understudies lack the capacity to deal with themselves, they sit before the T.v and keeping in mind that away the brief period that could fill an incredible need.

That would be better if telephones were not there, at any rate when our Nigerian power holding organization mood killer the power, we could in any event state understudies will have sufficient energy to do different things.

Lamentably, once there is a power intrusion, the following thing is to begin squeezing the life of your telephone until the battery goes down.

Particularly for the individuals who don’t have t.v in their home, much the same as me.

Truly, I said I don’t have a T.v, yet I do have a workstation, I will even now watch films, goodness I can’t bear to miss those excellent movies on Netflix.

You’re not by any means the only one who gets occupied.

We as a whole do and I don’t take a special case in that.

What’s more, perhaps most occasions the diversion originates from different exercises.

Nonetheless, the demonstration of control and self-control is the way to realize when to mood killer each t.v and when to place it in on.

Despite the fact that, it isn’t simply constrained to t.v, there are numerous different things that are going to take away your time.

Your telephone is number one, your PC and your home T.v or perhaps the neighbor’s T.v.

One way or the other, they will preclude you from claiming the time you have to get ready for the post utme test you’re going to compose.

Remember you have just a couple of months to get ready for oau post utme.

The most real to life counsel I have for you is to mood killer each TV.

Regardless of what amount exhausted you’re; never utilize your telephone or T.v as a substitute deserting your books.

What is your name? Truly, I am conversing with you, you have to mood killer each type of T.v around you at the present time, and utilize the intensity of discretion to realize when to turn it on, that is on the off chance that you genuinely need to pass oau post utme.

2. Get all the significant materials required to plan.

I am discussing readiness, so what precisely do you have to get ready?

Okay, since you asked me that inquiry I will reply in a layman’s language and license my answer coming as an inquiry.

What does a rancher use to set up his homestead for planting?


My dear companion, what else do you have to plan for a test separated from your course readings and past inquiries?

You are aware of that right?

Assuming this is the case, do you have course books?

Do you have the current past inquiries for oau post utme?

Most jambites accept the readiness for Jamb would be sufficient to pass post utme.

It’s only from time to time realized that the load up or inspectors setting inquiries for pillar and oau post utme is clearly extraordinary.

Maybe, the way that the subjects that are set in oau present utme are comparative regarding the matters you did in frame brings the assessment up in the psyche of most confident oau wannabes that a similar planning would get the job done, I wish that was valid.

The inquiries style isn’t indistinguishable; And truly, the points could be same, however you have to get ready for a similar arrangement in oau post utme.

In the primary concern, you need to get oau past inquiry and get ready with it.

At any rate you will think better about the manner in which questions are set in oau post utme.

Don’t simply base on printed past inquiries, search for any Oau gathering to join either on Facebook, on the web or any discussion online where inquiries regarding oau post utme questions are examined indiscriminately.

Another material you need is a perusing timetable, you have to make one it will keep you centered.

3. Stop from each self dread and fabricate your expectation.

Let’s go, I need you to accomplish something for me at the present time.

Do you know what that is?

I need you to express this to yourself; ” I have confidence in my prosperity, and I accept that I am going to pick up affirmation this year”

Notice I didn’t state I am going to pass post utme this year, I said I you should disclose to yourself you are going to pick up affirmation this year.

That is an abnormal state of confidence, it implies you are certain you will pass oau post utme and you don’t consider it to be an issue and by reason of trusting you are going to score high and unquestionably gain confirmation.

This sort of confidence can never frustrate you as long as you make the best choice required from you.

Confidence means trusting you will pick up affirmation this year notwithstanding when it is past the intensity of reason, notwithstanding when you have been attempting to pass post utme for a period being currently.

Never be worried about the possibility that that you can’t score high in oau post utme, regardless of your dimension of learning confidence is more noteworthy than what you know.

Numerous a period, I tell understudies that passing a test isn’t simply by what you know or what you have in your mind.

Numerous insightful hopefuls fall flat, did you realize that?

Confidence is to confide in an obscure future to a known God, trust me, it works.

Confidence isn’t the conviction that God will do what you need. The conviction God will make the wisest decision.

Is it true that it isn’t directly for you to pick up affirmation? So all you need is to develop your confidence from today and never question.

4. Get some answers concerning oau post utme structure.

This is the thing that most understudies neglect to do.

Notwithstanding, there are still understudies who do well to discover more data about their favored establishment and how they set tests for screening.

Similarly as inquisitive as you’re, it is at an essential interest to know all things everywhere about oau post utme.

This is a stage that each and every understudy who passed oau post utme additionally took.

They asked, learned and utilize the information as a wellspring of solidarity for progress.

Express gratitude toward God for Google; Google is your companion. It is fine on the off chance that you don’t know everything, look for all that you have to think about oau post utme.

Invest your energy most in adapting new things, do all the examination you need, converse with solid individuals online who think about Obafemi Awolowo University Screening test.

Get some answers concerning the subjects written in oau post utme, date of the post utme, number of inquiries set, how the score is registered, the time given for the activity, and as much data you can get.

When you see all these, you would know where you stand.

It might involve perusing and planning enough, and you will hop for Joy when you see your outcome.

5. Keep your feet in a bowl of water each night.

This is the convention of fruitful understudies.

Try not to feel that when you read it is only for post utme, however recall you are additionally going to go through over three years in the University where you should keep your leg in a bowl of water all together not to nod off when perusing during the evening.

Does the custom of keeping your leg in a bowl of water still work when perusing around evening time?

Truly, it does! Many individuals do that, yet it doesn’t work for everybody.

It’s truly fitting on the off chance that you likewise purchase keeping your leg in the water while perusing during the evening.

Hold up I neglect to reveal to you why you ought to likewise begin such practice.

On the off chance that you haven’t known, the night is the best time to peruse in light of the fact that you will always remember what you read.

Logical research has demonstrated that a thousand times.

The best time the mind is dynamic is during the evening, your cerebrum will wind up open and drained of diversions.

The quiet during the evening ends up triggering cerebrum liveliness.

On the off chance that you can’t learn during the evening, you’re not prepared for University life, not to mention oau post utme.

Along these lines, it implies you should remain wakeful late for study, recall the test you’re going to compose isn’t only a test.

Envision yourself sitting at home for one more year, who needs that?

So don’t give me that look when I talk about night think about.

I comprehend that numerous understudies are frail, and they think that its difficult to keep awake around evening time to peruse, regardless of whether they do, they rest in a matter of seconds.

You need to give a valiant effort and be prepared for school life.

It is hard yet the end advantage is extremely fulfilling.

So when would it be a good idea for me to begin perusing?

It is suggestible to begin night perusing two weeks before the test, it will be increasingly successful.

Five hours in a row perusing isn’t getting down to business? Never task the cerebrum to an extreme.

It’s fine on the off chance that you choose to peruse for five hours yet dependably take breaks.

On the off chance that you need my assessment, 2-3 hours is alright during the evening.

You can kill Yourself with perusing during the day with several hours, yet keep your cerebrum increasingly bursting at the seams with only 2-3 hours read during the evening.

The little you learn, you will always remember it.

6. Keep the radio on for oau post utme refreshes.

Data is the power that is our witticism here at Akahi Tutors, Ile-Ife.

That is the reason we endeavor to give enough data.

You should dependably be one stage ahead, never be behind.

Get successive updates however much as could be expected.

The more you know, the more possibility of accomplishment you remain on.

When I state keep your radio on, I don’t mean a Radio as a device.

It could likewise mean getting data from individuals and on the web.

Data, for example, the day post utme will begin will enable you to alter your perusing timetable.

Go to a believed site you know to give reports on schedule and buy in to their bulletin, that route when there is any data about your school you will get told.

7. Test your time use capacities.

Careful discipline brings about promising results, this statement is still particularly helpful.

You need to test yourself and practice time use.

Clearly, oau post utme isn’t troublesome yet the time you will be given probably won’t be sufficient for you to respond to every one of the inquiries given particularly when you’re a moderate peruser.

The time is very short and not going to be sufficient for you to pulverize the test to death.

In case you’re a science understudy offering Chemistry, material science, and arithmetic; tie your safety belt.

It would be useful in the event that you begin evaluating yourself from now.

Try not to hang tight for some other time, a fasten in time spares nine.

In any case, I have something that can support you.

What’s more, you can search for an online test or test to plan for oau post frame test.

Begin now in the event that you would prefer not to be upset for yourself.

8. Finding your disorder and treat it.

What I mean here is to make sense of whatever makes you frail.

For instance, my affliction (shortcoming) at that point I was composing my post utme test was science.

I in the long run attempted to pass it in frame and I utilized that equivalent equation for post utme.

I knew where my shortcoming originated from and I regarded it comparable to I could.

On the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea about your shortcoming, or you believe you know all that you have to know, you’re committing a major error.

No one knows everything, it might be only a little shortcoming or a specific subject that gives you an issue. Fix it up before the test, don’t feel loosened up when you have an escape clause.

Try not to quit perusing until you have treated all your powerless territories.

9. Look for counsel from Other oau understudies.

Each and every thing I have in me at this moment and the entire information that makes up all aspects of me comes because of learning.

I gain from anybody, and I don’t perceive any reason you should take a special case in that.

On the off chance that you need to succeed, you need to gain so much from individuals around you that know the right thing you have to know.

Actually, you should gain from understudies who had sat for oau post utme previously and look for headings for yourself.


Go to Oau post utme instructional exercise in the event that you truly need to score high in oau post utme test.

Going to an instructional exercise enables a great deal, to search for the best one.

Greater part of understudies who scored high did likewise.

Congrats: If you made all the above strides, you’re presently arranged for oau post utme 2019.

Be that as it may, this oau post utme instructional exercise with me doesn’t stop here.

Despite everything you have a long way to go, I did the composition and ought to be in torment, you should simply to peruse and live it up for nothing.

Try not to say thanks to me, your prosperity is my prosperity.

How about we move to part two.

The most effective method to Pass oau Post Utme

Do you realize each understudy have this specific issue including you?

That issue is perusing!

Let it out, you just perused 20% of the principal part of this guide.

On the off chance that you read more than that, applaud yourself. Truth be told, come get an embrace.

Top dimension perusers are constantly ahead and fruitful yet most understudies think that its hard to peruse.

The entire outline of passing oau present utme is on perused.

On the off chance that you can’t peruse, you will fail.

That is only the real recipe.

Expecting you are happy to invest quality energy to peruse I have presumably that you will ascend the mountain.

Much the same as I said in the opening area, achievement isn’t constrained to perusing.

Welcome to the second part of this oau post utme manage where you will adapt more tips to pass oau post utme.

I am going to give you more strides on the best way to pass oau post utme and that is the thing that you have as pursues.

1. Utilize the four post utme strategies to address questions.

We’ve arranged four post utme recipes here at Akahi Tutors for understudies to utilize when responding to questions.

Do these equations truly work for oau post utme?

Indeed, it does.

Equation like;

(a) S.R.S.R Reading Technique

(b) Elimination equation

(c) Psyche equation

(d) Physical Formula.

Give me a chance to brief you on the most proficient method to utilize this equation so you can pick which one to utilize.

S.R.S.R Technique:

S.R.S.R is an abbreviation for Scan, Reflect, Solve and Re-read.

It’s easy to utilize, however exceptionally amazing.

That implies when you need to address any scrutinize regardless of how troublesome the inquiry is, simply examine the inquiry and the choice quick to get the primary thought.

Next, Reflect on the inquiry and see the quickest data your mind can review for that minute.

Next, Solve the inquiry. Answer the inquiry from the little stuff you recollect.

At long last, re-read the inquiry, this time your mind will recall what it overlooked previously, read the inquiry twice and you will find the right solution.

End equation.

I adore this equation. Indeed, even without taking a gander at an inquiry, I can figure the appropriate response.

There would dependably be negative answers in an inquiry that sometimes falls short for that question.

From horse supposing, you can recognize those negative choices and dispose of them in a steady progression.

Indeed, even at the University, I utilize the disposal equation to address questions, despite everything it works.

You must be brilliant or you will dispose of the right answer.

Think multiple times before picking.

Take a gander at the language and stream of that specific inquiry, in the event that you do it appropriately you will inevitably know both the wrong and right answer.

Mind Formula:

This is otherwise called instinctive reasoning, it has to do with utilizing your emotions and not your mind to address questions.

Truly, it works for most cases relying upon your conviction.

Keep in mind that the cerebrum can overlook, that is the reason you need natural reasoning.

You will find the solution talking in your brain once you apply the mind recipe.

Step by step instructions to Use the Psyche equation.

Take a gander at the inquiry, read it in your psyche, close your eyes or gaze at the roof.

Very soon you will find a solution talking in your psyche, you need to listen cautiously and guarantee It’s straightforwardly from your natural and that’s it.

Physical Formula:

This recipe means utilizing your typical arithmetic, material science or whatever subject essential equations.

2. Be time cognizant in the test lobby.

I don’t have a clue by what other method to illuminate this very issue of time utilization in oau post utme.

In the event that you have perused this guide well you will run over numerous events where I have said time is a typical issue of passing oau post utme.

You should be time cognizant in the test corridor.

You don’t have sufficient energy to pick your pen on the off chance that it falls.

In case you’re approached to submit before you completion you’re in a hot soup.

Try not to try and waste one moment, you must be extremely quick.

One more thing, BE FAST — BUT BE CAREFUL.

3. Peruse guidelines in the test corridor.

I recollect when I was requested the antonym of a word in ‘English Language’ language I did generally by noting the equivalent word.

Then again, I was attempting to be quick yet I neglected to be cautious.

Keep in mind; BE FAST — BUT BE CAREFUL.

Continuously check for given directions and answer in like manner.

4. Present this petition before you begin addressing questions.

I can’t resist the urge to disclose to you reality, petition and confidence excluded one from coming up short.

On the off chance that solitary you accept, buckle down and implore and you will clearly observe yourself exceeding expectations all around.

Along these lines, I have arranged a short supplication for you to state in confidence before noting heading off to your inside.

State these to yourself in confidence before your test.

Dear dad, I am going to pick up confirmation this year, thank you for the chance.

As I sit for oau post utme test, your heavenly attendants of achievement will sit with me, as I compose the blessed messengers will compose as well.

Dear Father, thank you since I am going to score above [input wanted score] and my prosperity isn’t reliant on my exhibition or the amount I know, rather it is base on your elegance, my confidence, and your adoration for me.

Much obliged to you for the learning you have given me including my retentive memory.

Come sit in my psyche, as I compose I Will recollect all I read and be tolerant with what I neglected to peruse by helping me through with them.

Regardless of what occurs, I will climb the stepping stool of achievement.

So be it as be it.

5. Continuously work with equation’s and don’t theory answers.

For what reason do you need to figure in the event that you arranged and implored?

Speculating is perilous in the event that you go over a troublesome inquiry, skirt that and answer others, answers will come later.

I don’t encourage any understudy to figure, regardless of how much troublesome that question shows up.

Be quick I didn’t state moderate.

You can know the right response for the troublesome ones by noting the straightforward ones and utilizing the thought for other comparative inquiries.

But you have no other alternative.

6. When responding to the inquiry, let your mind go for the score you need.

When you keep your psyche in a specific score, your self capacity will be comparable to that objective. Regardless of what you should accomplish that.

Dream of the score you need to have and move in the direction of it.

I will have confidence for your sake, however you have to adapt to me.

So begin considering what you need to score in oau post utme.

7. Compose with certainty, insight, and keenness.

This is the last tip I have for you.

Compose with Confidence, knowledge, and savvy.

You will in the long run score high in oau post utme on the off chance that you give a shot all that you have adapted today.

I want you to enjoy all that life has to offer.

Try not to leave yet, I have more data for you.

When will oau present utme structure going on be out in 2019/2020?

As at the season of distributing this, OAU Post UTME Form isn’t yet out for 2019. Be that as it may, it will be out before October.

That is if oau has no issue. Be that as it may, we are sure that the structure will be out around August 2019.

You may click here for OAU Post UTME Updates.

What Subjects are set in oau post utme?

The subjects they will set in oau present utme is proportional regarding the matter you did in frame of which Use of English is among. Maybe it would get blended with other Current Affair and general inquiries however in a little proportion.

What number of inquiries are there in OAU post Utme?

There are 100 inquiries in OAU post utme test as in the present framework. 25 questions would be set from each subject you took in Jamb.

For instance, on the off chance that you addressed English Language, science, Physics, and science.

Every one of them will convey 25 questions, however most time they will blend them everything except it is dependably a 100 inquiries altogether.

You will have 1 hour 15 minutes to address each question.

Will OAU compose post-Utme this year?

Truly, Oau will compose Post Utme test this year in 2019 on the grounds that Oau post utme is significant for choosing the most qualified possibility to pick up affirmation because of a high number of candidates.

If not, we won’t need to discuss every one of the means you have to plan for Obafemi Awolowo University (oau) post utme test.

It’s a pre-confirmation screening exercise that is fundamental for picking up entrance into oau.

Any longer inquiry leave your answer in the remark box.


A debt of gratitude is in order for visiting my blog today, I would like to have you back increase.

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