OAU SER 001 [ Use of English] Past Question for 2015/2016 Session


OAU   SER 001 is a mandatory special elective course on OAU campus. You must pass it compulsorily before you graduate from Obafemi Awolowo University.  


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General Instructions: Answer ALL Questions

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1- The major types of vowel in English are   a. short and long b. short medium and long c. short long and diphthongs. d. medium long and diphthong

  1. A vowel in whose production there is a slide from one tongue position to another is a. long vowel b.duration c.diphthong d.consonant
  2. How many syllable are contained in the word hyperbole A.2 B.5 C 3 D.4

4.___is a vowel but is made up of two elements pronounced one after the other a. Stress b. syllable c.diphthong d.consonant

5.___is an aspect of linguistics that deals with meaning a. Stylistic b..Phonetics c.semantics d.forensics

  1. The efficient reader is one who reads___-a.fairly slow B.flexibly C.quickly D.very carefully.
  2. The efficient reader normally concentrates on a. Key words B.paragraph development C.important details D.individual words.
  3. Regression is a sign of __a. lack of confidence b.concentration c.efficient eye movement d.rapid reading.
  4. Scanning is __-a. reading without understanding b.a way of rapid reading for understanding. C.not reading at all. D. a technique used for reading the newspaper.
  5. The most important quality of a good summary is a. brevity b.clarity d.good expression.

11 The ability to listen is a. doubtful b.developed and practiced c.innate d.involuntry

  1. A good outline of material the relative importance of ideas brief c.lists points chronologically d.attach most of details.
  2. The topic sentence in a usually simple often followed by details c.often contains the most difficult words. usually found at the beginning of the sentence.
  3. Words such as finally, however, therefore and also A. should be ignored in a paragraph .B.distinguish main ideas from details c.serve as a clue to organization d.should be included in paragraph.
  4. An outline is formal because A. it is constructed according to specific rules is an important step in summarizing. C. it is part of the organizing ideas. helps the students’ comprehension of material.
  5. Which of the following is not a type of paragraph a. introductory b.transitional c.concluding d.enumerative?
  6. The best way to learn new words is to a. read worthwhile novel b. read and listen c.spend more time with the dictionary vocabulary lists
  7. A student may find university work difficult if he a. has too many outside interests b. does not use a dictionary c.has not read widely enough d.has a poor memory of words.

19.___do not change a particular word from its basic word class a. root b. morpheme c.morphology d.word.

  1. The smallest meaningful unit in grammar is a. root b. stem c.inflection d.derivation.
  2. That part to which the last morpheme is added is __-a. prefixes b.inflectional c.suffixes d.derivational morphemes.

22-which is the odd one out a. Free and bound c.root and stem c.prefixation and suffixation d. coordination and subordination.

  1. A nominal has a noun or pronoun as its a. by word b.head word c.simple word d. complex word.
  2. The group is one of the _-units on the grammatical rank scale a. 2. b.3 c.4 d.5.
  3. Nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs are called___ a. lexical b.grammatical c.optional c.obligatory items.
  4. The modifier slot of the English noun can be occupied by a. determiners b.ordinals c. epithets d.all of the above.
  5. The car, as well as the house __to be auctioned a. are c.have d.all of the above.
  6. __-involves the representation of speaker’s actual word a. indirect reporting reporting c.simple reporting d.complex reporting.
  7. American English differs from British English in –a. pronunciation alone. B. grammar alone c.vocabulary and word spelling alone d.all of the above.
  8. All the following given an entry in a dictionary is called_- a. Lexical entry b.grammatical entry c. lexicography d. compilation
  9. after the entry word, the first information that the dictionary is a.pronuniciation information b.grammatical `entry c. orthographical information d.historical information.
  10. Dictionaries can be generally categorized into a. Monolingual b.specialised c.bilingual d.all of the above.

33.the kind of language use that assume that the male are by nature superior to the female is a. Insensitive language b.sexist language c.neutral language d.discriminaatory language.


34 a statement that appears contradictory or absurd but it is nevertheless true is A. personification b.oxymoron c.paradox d.hyperbole.

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  1. The language of prose is __- while that of poetry is a. Connotative and denotative b. simple and complex c. denotative and connotative d. complex and simple.
  2. Reports are classifiable into __a. periodic and investigative b.perodic and progressive c. periodic, progressive and investigative d. progressive and investigative
  3. A lyric poem of fourteen lines is a. an quatrain b. a elegy c. an epic d. a sonnet.
  4. Which is not a type of drama a. Tragedy b.comedy c.satire d. plot.
  5. Which is out of place? A. epistolary b. romance c.setting d. picaresque.
  6. Creative literary can be classified into a. Prose fiction b.poetry c. drama d. all of the above.