WHAT NONSENSE! We Will Track These Cultists, We Will Bulldoze Them


WHAT NONSENSE! We Will Track These Cultists, We Will Bulldoze Them. Just yesterday on the 3rd of May, some cultists attacked Great Ife students on campus in our home. OAU is a cultist-free institution; the last time cultists attacked Great Ife was only in July 10, 1999.

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This cultist attack is a dagger-like punch on us. It is an insult on our radical pedigree and a williwaw on our intellectual doggedness. Not under our watch would cultists harass Great Ife; Never! We won’t bother to write to the Police. This is a fight to finish.


OAU Campus Gist: Neo-liberal Elements Openly Unleash Terror On Students

The Students’ Union is not in place, but we still have our Aluta Spirit and Radicalism.
We will track these cultists, we will bulldoze them and we would ensure that they are brought to the baraza of justice. You may attack other Universities, but you don’t dare try it with OAU. You have stampeded on us, we shall strike 10 times harder.

*I am SBB*

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