Obafemi Hamzat Debunks Alleged Overnight Arrest Of EndSARS Protesters In Lagos

Deputy Governor of Lagos State Obafemi Hamzat has debunked reports that policemen carried out illegal arrests on Thursday night across the state, Igbere TV reports.


Social media users woke up on Friday to the rumour that areas in Lagos such as Surulere and Ojuelegba witnessed such clampdown following protests against police brutality.

Mr Hamzat said on Friday that the reports were false, calling for caution among social media users.

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“Fake news to cause panic during this period needs to be avoided at all costs. There have been reports of illegal arrests across Lagos that have turned out to be lies,” he tweeted.

“The @rrslagos767 team took action to verify these reports and we have not found any one that was true.

“If you have any verified claim of unlawful arrests last night in Lagos, please share with me and the state team will get involved to resolve. Let’s protect each other by not spreading fake news. Thank you.”

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