Ogun State School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers

Ogun State School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers

Ogun State School of Nursing English Language Past Questions



Select the word that BEST COMPLETE this sentence:

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  1. Kofi says he is better at Physics…………….
    (a) as l am (b) than I am (c) as me (d) than I do
  2. He finally his…………the idea of travelling abroad.
    (a) out (b) at (c) on (d) up

Choose the word OPPOSITE W MEANING to the word in

  1. While Rashida’s business is flourishing. Ida’s is…………….
    (a) declining (b) diminishing (c) vanishing (d) withering
  2. It took me the whole day to summarize the lecturer’s copious
    notes having.
    (a) scanty (b) illegible (c) inaccurate (d) coherent
  3. He thought that Uncle Sam’s health had improved but it had
    (a) persisted (b) deteriorated (c) deepened (d) decreased
  4. While the armed robber remained unruffled after he had been
    arrested, his wife became……….. .. .
    (a) defiant (b) rude (c) agitated (d) energetic
  5. The investigators relied solely on coniectures. which were

not as reliable as
(a) facts (b) hearsay (c) figures (d) fabrications

  1. Our staff was very proud when the school clinched all the prizes.
    (a) took (b) won (c) possessed (d) cornered 9. The chairman
    was given welcome.

(a) strange (b) pleasant (c) noisy (d) well-organized

  1. The fishing boat was imperilled by high winds, but it managed
    to reach port safely.
    (a) pushed (b) endangered (c) disturbed (d) blown

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