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Buy Palm Oil In Large Quantity – Akahi G. International – 08038644328

Buy Palm Oil In Large Quantity At Akahi G. International – 08038644328


Akahi G. International is the best palm Oil supplier in Nigeria. Should you are interested in the high quality palm oil otherwise known as RED OIL, feel free to contact Akahi G. International on – 08038644328

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Where is palm oil used?

Palm oil is used in different parts of the world, including Africa. Palm oil can look different, depending on where and how it was produced.

Kinds of Palm Oil

We have the groundnut palm oil, palm kernel oil, red palm oil, white palm oil and more.

NOTE: Akahi G. International is into the supply of RED PALM OIL

Today, palm oil is in high demand all over the world. What makes palm oil so special? It is a storehouse of vitamins! The kernel oil, for example, is high in saturated fat which is a great alternative to trans fats. The red palm oil has lycopene and beta-carotene, an excellent natural antioxidant.

Akahi Oil Palm Oil Kegs Of Palm Oil

Here are some common areas where palm oil is being used.

  • Cooking;
  • Manufacturing ice cream, margarine, etc.;
  • Personal care (soaps, lubricants, lotions, etc.);
  • Pharmaceutics;
  • Production of drilling fluids;
  • Cosmetics;
  • As an alternative to mineral oils;
  • Production of water treatment products etc.

Where to get quality palm oil in Nigeria
According to The Guardian, palm trees do survive in the rain forest ecologies. Therefore, they are planted in the south-western and eastern Nigeria, as well as in the Niger Delta regions.

Akahi Oil Akahi Oil Palm Oil Kegs Of Palm Oil

Specifically, palm oil is abundant in Enugu, Imo, Ondo, Edo,, Ekiti, Cross River, Delta, Akwa-Ibom, Bayelsa, Anambra, Oyo, Abia and Ogun states, and these are considered to be the largest producers of palm oil.

Palm tree plantations are spread over an area estimated to range from 1.65 million to 2.4 million hectares. The estimate of palm tree plantations in Nigeria ranges from 169,000 hectares (72,000 hectares of plantations property and 97,000 hectares of small plantations) to 360,000 hectares of plantations.

The palm fruits are processed in small factories located in rural areas by farmers in different producing states across Nigeria. Akahi G. International sources the product in local markets, small factories and packaged in litres, barrels and then transported to larger markets for sale with the aim of making little profit.

Be informed therefore that Akahi G. International is not a producer but a supplier of the produce.

Akahi Oil Akahi Oil Palm Oil Kegs Of Palm Oil NCDC Gives Warning To Nigerians Drinking Palm Oil As Cure For COVID-19

Akahi G. International is ready to supply YOU, your company with high quality Palm Oil. Call – 08038644328

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