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Governor Okorocha Optimistic Of Becoming Nigeria President When His Time Comes


Imo state representative, Rochas Okorocha, has said that the seizure of his Certificate of Return as the congressperson choose of the Imo West senatorial area, is just getting him arranged for his most extreme political dream which is to turn into the leader of Nigeria.

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Senator Okorocha will’s identity leaving office come Wednesday May 29th, said this when he talked amid his valedictory thanksgiving administration held at the Government House Chapel in Owerri. The representative who blamed the exclusive class for ganging toward him, said that the individuals who need me to go to jail will go to jail before me.


“I let you know, I am the most scrutinized individual in Nigeria today. I don’t have the foggiest idea why the whole world class despise me with pitilessness. My Senate aspiration is as yet a fight. In excess of 30 individuals have joined the suit to battle me. All these, I will survive. They are just setting me up for the magnificence ahead.”

Imprint it, I will be leader of Nigeria. I said this on this raised area with the goal that the kingdom of God will ascend against those battling to stop me. Likewise, the individuals who figure they will place me in jail will go to jail before me. They don’t need me to be at the National Assembly, however I will be there. I realize I am the sole survivor, however I won’t surrender.” he said

As indicated by Governor Okorocha, a great many people don’t see completely his style of gevernance.

“Just a couple of them later understood that I had good intentions for the state. I represented the state with energy. I violated conventions and twisted the laws, however I never overstepped laws. When I assumed control over the workplace eight years prior, I wasn’t incognizant that many individuals will misjudge me and endeavor to occupy me. In any case, today, I have left the state superior to anything I met it. I am the planner of the new Imo. I am a fulfilled senator.” he said

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