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Ondo 2020: Steps For Accreditation At The Polling Units



The Ondo State governorship election scheduled for today is already underway.

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For those who will be partaking in the electoral exercise, below are steps for accreditation at the polling units as laid down by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

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The Presiding Officer (PO) at the polling unit will:

1. Allow voters into the polling unit in an orderly queue.

2. Where culture disallows men and women mingling in a queue, create separate queues for men and women.

3. Introduce polling agents and poll officials present, including the Asst. Presiding Officer (APO) I who will:

Request the voter to present his/her PVC,

Read the PVC using the Card Reader, and

Request the voter to place the appropriate finger on the Card Reader for authentication.

On being authenticated, the voter will present himself/herself to APO II who will request for his/her PVC,

Check the Register of Voters for the records of the voter,

Tick as appropriate on the Register and apply indelible ink on the specified finger of voter’s left hand, and

Issue the voter an accreditation tag.

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