One of the Best Platform to Buy And Sell Bitcoin and Gift Card in Africa


One of the Best Platform to Buy And Sell Bitcoin and Gift Card in Africa

Paxful and Binance are some of the popular and well-known Peer-to-Peer(P2P) platforms to buy and sell bitcoin in Africa as a whole.

In this guide, we are going to enlighten every reader with one of the best Peer-to-Peer (P2P) platform just like Paxful and Binance. Thus a similar website like them or an alternative site like the above mentioned sites.


CoinCola is also a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) platform just like Paxful and Binance, on CoinCola you can also buy and sell all gift cards and crytocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and many on others on there with fiat currency(such as Naira, Ghana cedis).

Coincola is the best Alternative website for users in Africa willing to try websites that are similar to Paxful and Binance. CoinCola was founded in 2016 which means they have been around for years and that rectifies their genuineness and reliability.

You may ask, Can everything done on Paxful and Binance be done on CoinCola too?…. The simple answer is Yes! On CoinCola, you have access to everything just like on other P2P platforms that works in Africa and even more……

On CoinCola you can:

  1. Buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with fiat currency(such as Naira, Ghana cedis). Also, payment can be done through bank transfer, MTN mobile money, Chipper Cash and other popular money transfer mediums.
  • Sell Gift Cards for Bitcoin. Almost all giftcards can be sold on CoinCola in return of bitcoin.

4. Exchange cryptocurrencies to preferred cryptocurrencies available. (Eg. Exchanging bitcoin to Ethereum)

  • Invest or store Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. Once you create a CoinCola account, you will be given up to almost 6 different crypto wallets for all currencies which you can receive and store these crypto’s for future use or investment purposes.

6. No transaction fees for Retail users:

Retail users involve in all their trades for free on CoinCola. This is something you will get on only CoinCola.

7. CoinCola also offers other options like “Exchange” “Margin”:

With this you can buy digital currencies with involving in a P2P trade. Users can not only buy bitcoin in the P2P market with fiat currency, but also trade options and margin for invest.

  • CoinCola can be access either on “Phone or on Web”. Thus, either through mobile app (For both Android and iPhone users) and web (Official website for individuals using Laptops or Pc’s)

Additional Stuff That Can Be Done On CoinCola (Exchange, Margin, Make Money)

Just as said in point 4 and 7 earlier in this article, on CoinCola, you have a access to this feature “Exchange and Margin” thus, exchange cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies.

Thus, for example, you can exchange your bitcoin for Ethereum at the same rate or exchange Bitcoin cash for Litecoin at the same rate as well.

And also margin product feature for investing. Here it doesn’t require you to involve in any sort of trade (P2P)  and all this is free without any charge. This is one of the features that makes CoinCola standout from the crowd.

Secondly you can also make money from CoinCola in Africa by referring your friends and families to get 100% commision cashback. And your referrals can also win up to $100 and get couple free transactions done when they are newly signup on CoinCola.

You the individual referring new users is also going to get commissioned for every user’s trade from their escrow.(Read more about CoinCola amazing Referral and Promotion Article)

Read more about CoinCola’s offers and get involved in amazing some of the amazing promotions runned by them for residents in Africa.

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