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OPC, hunters, and vigilantes assure South-West indigenes to protect Yorubaland against invasion

Some self-determined groups of the Yoruba ethnic group have vowed to preserve the region against any form of invasion.

OPC warns IPOB against attack on Yoruba territory

The western part of Nigeria, especially the Yoruba clan, has been under attack by suspected herders, perpetrating kidnapping, killings, and raping, among other crimes in the region.

The group comprising of Odua Peoples Congress, Agbekoya, Hunters Group, Isokan Ile Yoruba, Vigilante Group of Nigeria, Ibarapa Group, and the Community Society Awareness Initiative, stated in a communique after a meeting held on Friday said they wouldn’t hesitate to bring down anyone who creates or stir violence on the Yoruba soil.

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Chaired and Initiated by Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Adams, the meeting was held under the aegis of South-West Security Stakeholders, “Obas and traditional leaders of Yorubaland not to hesitate to invite any of the groups listed above in the event of any threat to the security of every Yorubaman by invading groups anywhere in our land.’’

The communique further states, “The meeting shared the people’s concern in general and prominent Nigerians especially about the security situation in the land. The meeting noted the exasperation inherent in the statement of the Chief of Defence Staff calling on Nigerians to defend themselves. This is clearly an official endorsement of self-defense.

“The meeting feared that the situation, if not addressed, signals a grievous national crisis. The meeting, therefore, called on the government to quickly arrest the apparent descent into anarchy.’’

“The meeting re-emphasized the call for a return to true federalism, which was the political arrangement leaders of the nation endorsed at independence. This will allow various nations in the country to take proper control of their affairs, including security,’’ the communique added.

The communique released by Kehinde Aderemi, the Special Assistant on Media to the Aare Ona, states.

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