Oshiomhole Reveals ‘Who Planted Buhari Third Term Agenda’

Oshiomhole Reveals 'Who Planted Buhari Third Term Agenda'

President Buhari and APC Nat’l Chairman Oshiomhole (photo credit: State House)

Leader of Nigeria’s ruling APC, Adams Oshiomhole, on Thursday alleged that the main opposition PDP is the brain behind the idea of third term agenda by President Muhammadu Buhari.


President Muhammadu Buhari had on Wednesday reiterated that he had no intention of seeking reelection in 2023.

Concise News reports that the Nigerian leader assured citizens that, in line with the country’s 1999 Constitution, he will not contest further elections after completing his second term in office.

The president was reacting to allegation that he was plotting to seek an unconstitutional third term of four years.

“I will be standing down in 2023 and will not be available in any future elections. But I am determined to help strengthen the electoral process both in Nigeria and across the region, where several ECOWAS members go to the polls this year,” he noted in his New Year Day 2020 message to Nigerians.

“Election the cornerstone of our democracy. I salute the commitment of the millions who voted in peace last February and of those leaders who contested for office vigorously but fairly, submitting to the authority of the electorate, the Independent National Electoral Commission and judicial process.”

But the PDP responded by stating that  President Buhari and his APC would have no other option than to exit office at the end of his tenure in 2023.

However, Oshiomhole, after meeting with Buhari behind closed doors in Abuja, said: “I am surprised to see that there are people who begin to wonder why should the President reassure Nigerians that he is not going to do Third Term in office because Third Term was planted by PDP.”

He said, “It is still in the sub-consciousness of most Nigerians that the first (sic) Nigerian President tried to do Third Term, emptied the treasury to bribe members of the National Assembly and since that President left, thanks to the National Assembly, no other next President has done eight years in office.

“You can recall that President Yar’Adua unfortunately has since joined his ancestors, and President Jonathan did six years and so by the special grace of God, this President (Buhari) whom we pray will do his eight years complete in line with the provision of the constitution.

“And because there is a level of idleness within a section of the political class people can sponsor all kinds of publications and to give doubt whether or not the President is planning to stay longer.

“And I think it is his decision that at every interval he needs to remind Nigerians that he is not about to do what a PDP President did. For me it is necessary and in any case it costs us nothing to reassure us that `I am leaving.’’

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