‘Owonikoko Fear God’ – EndSARS Lawyer Counters Lagos State Government Lawyer, Owonikoko (Video)


Recall that Owonikoko had claimed that there were 40 discrepancies in the report submitted by the panel.

Abiodun Owonikoko SAN, Lagos state government’s lawyer has been countered by Adeyinka Olumide-Fusika SAN over his comments on the Lagos Panel report. Recall that Owonikoko had claimed that there were 40 discrepancies in the report submitted by the panel. 

“By law, the findings, conclusions, and recommendations of the panel were not supposed to be made public. The report making rounds on social media is a draft of a minority opinion because I was there all through the proceedings,” he said. 


“I am particularly shocked to read what is contained in the report because it is not completely accurate. I sighted over 40 discrepancies in this report, including awarding N15 million to someone who was a witness to a police brutality incident that had nothing to do with the Lekki incident. What kind of report is that?

“All the evidence we were able to gather during the proceedings, none of them could be fully established.

“The mistake made by the government was not setting up an entirely different panel to look into the Lekki incident because there are some members of the panel that are protagonists in the case against the Police. They were not supposed to be a part of it.” 

However while reacting on Arise TV on Friday, Adeyinka urged Owonikoko to fear God. According to him, there were 99 bodies with bullet wounds found at the morgue. 

Watch video below:

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