PHED staff allegedly orders cultists to beat customer in Akwa Ibom

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PHED staff allegedly orders cultists to beat customer in Akwa Ibom


A PHED marketing Staff identified as Leo Edet has allegedly orders some men suspected to be cultist to beat a customer over disconnection fee in Akwa Ibom.

PHED staff allegedly orders cultists to beat customer in Akwa Ibom

According to reports, the incident happened at Trinity Estate in Mbak Itam 3 where the victim identified as Sunday Kazah who resides.

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Legitimate information gotten reveals that on Thursday the 25th of March 2021, Leo Edet, the marketing Staff with the mbak itam 3 substation office went for electricity disconnection in the Mbak Itam axis and finally ended in Trinity estate where he ordered his boys to disconnect electricity cables for residents who hadn’t paid their bills.

During the process, the victims cable was disconnected. When the victim, Sunday Kazah noticed that electricity in his apartment had been terminated, he confronted the PHED staff with his Phed receipt showing that he had paid half of the estimated bill issued to him. The Marketer, Leo Edet confirmed in the affirmative that he had paid half the estimated bill, but that he would still go ahead with the disconnection because he was given a target by his superiors.

The only option he gave for power to be reconnected was for the victim to pay the full balance of the estimated bill. When the victim protested that he had paid half his bill and would pay the balance later, the Marketer then ordered for his men to leave. The victim then proceeded to tell the Marketer he was not comfortable with the decision and begged them to reconnect his light.

After much persuasion which was ignored, the victim in frustration held the ladder and asked for his light to be reconnected. Leo Edet then ordered his men to leave and started making calls. Trouble started when after 30 minutes, Leo Edet the Marketer resurfaced back with a PHED Hilux vehicle filled with cultists to Trinity Estate.

When they saw the victim Sunday Kazah, they all jumped out of the moving Hilux vehicle and pounced on him hitting and clubbing him with dangerous weapons. At the end, the victim was left brutalised and wounded and his electricity cables were cut off and taken away. The victim later proceeded to their substation office to lay his complaint and he was told that he would be paid a visit by the Head Manager of the substation office Solomon Iheanacho.

As of the time of this report, the victim is still nursing his wounds while the Head Manager and staff of PHED have left him to face his fate. We ask that justice be met for Sunday Kazah and the assailants and pepetrators of this ignoble act be brought to book.

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PHED staff allegedly orders cultists to beat customer in Akwa Ibom
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