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‘Please Help Us!’ Mothers Of Abducted Kaduna Student Burst Into Tears During Protest



Some of the mothers of the abducted students of the College of Forestry Mechanization Afaka in Kaduna State could not hold back their tears as they occupied the National Assembly complex, Abuja, in protest.

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Angelina Babale one of the mothers spoke with Channels Television in Pidgin English. In an emotion-laden voice, she said she has been enveloped in grieve since the abduction of her daughter.

She called on the Federal Government to intervene and lamented that Nigerian troops do peace-keeping in other countries and now they are needed to keep peace in their home country.

Another mother of the abducted students, Rabi Magaji Zakariah wept profusely during the protest.

“I feel it. I carried him in my tummy for nine months. I trained him for 27 months,” she said.

She lamented further that she only wanted her son trained and be educated but no the son is nowhere to be found.

“I no fit sleep, I look back I look front, I no see my boy,” she said as sympathisers held her,” she said in Pidgin as she cried.


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