Putin Tests ‘unstoppable ‘ Hypersonic Missile As Tension Rage With The West


Putin’s ‘unstoppable’ 6,600mph hypersonic Zircon missile destroys target as tensions rage with the West

RUSSIA’s “unstoppable” 6,600mph hypersonic Zircon missile effortlessly destroyed its target during a test launch today.

Vladimir Putin’s weapon of choice was trial launched in a spectacular show of strength as tensions continue to rage with the West.


The lethal projectile was deployed from the Admiral Gorshkov frigate and successfully struck its target in the White Sea, Moscow’s defence ministry said.

Sources boasted the “unstoppable” Mach 9 missile had made a direct hit, while defence minister Sergei Shogun rushed to tell President Putin of their triumph.

“The crew of the Northern Fleet frigate Admiral Gorshkov, as part of the completion cycle of tests of hypersonic missile weapons, have fired another Zircon rocket,” an official statement said.

It was previously tested and fired from a nuclear-powered submarine just last month, amplifying its credibility after Russia claimed the Zircon missile is able to evade all Western defences.

After successfully launching from the submarine, it adds enviable extra mobility to the already terrifying weapon that is due to go into service soon.

And this is music to the ears of Putin, who considers it his weapon of choice to wipe out coastal American cities in the event of a nuclear conflict.

Russia issued a strong attack on an agreement between UK defence minister Ben Wallace and his Ukrainian opposite number Oleksii Reznikov to sell warships and missiles.

The President sinisterly warned Russia could wipe out Ukraine’s entire military in just 50 minutes, after the Kremlin blasted the UK for supporting their foe.

Russian media reported that the country’s deadly Black Sea Fleet and troops in Crimea could “neutralise the Ukrainian Armed Forces in between 50 and 600 minutes” if it felt it was about to be attacked.

They claimed the country could annihilate Ukraine’s warships, coastal military infrastructure, military bases, radio-electronic and air defences, artillery and airfields in under an hour.

Britain insisted it had “no desire to be adversarial, or seek in any way to strategically encircle or undermine the Russian Federation”, but Moscow slammed the deal.

Russia’s relations with the West remain deeply strained amid concerns as thousands of their troops amassed on Ukraine’s border, sparking fears of all-out invasion.

Source:- Thesun

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