Religion As A Tool Of Deception


The veracity of the existence and nature of God has been a subject of intense debate between the theist and the atheist school of thoughts. While the theists believe in the existence of a supreme being, who is the creator and the owner of the universe, the atheists on the other hand disbelieve or lack beliefs in the objective reality of a pre-eminent deity.

Most religions in the world today are fabricated and practiced by the theist population-those who purportedly believe in the existence of God, but unfortunately most religions have also greatly misrepresented God to billions of their adherents all over the world. To put it bluntly, many religions are ‘hiding’ the true God from their followers. Instead of leading people to the Supreme Being, they have deliberately ‘invented’ a religious god that is at variance to the supreme God. This sad development has obscured the authenticity of the personality of God from those that are unenlightened, who are wallowing in the darkness of religious deception.

It is important to note that the disputation surrounding the identity of God is not whether God exist or not, but the impious misconception of His nature callously propagated by institutionalized religions with the intent to derail mankind from God their maker.


Let me state here unequivocally that the God of the universe-the true God is not the same as the one proclaimed by the multi-faceted entrenched religious faiths practiced by many people today. The reason for this assertion is not farfetched: But let me first establish a distinction between the supreme God and the ‘religious God’. The sovereign God is the creator and owner of the universe and that includes us humans . He is therefore the source of our existence and by extension our father. We belong to His family- otherwise called humanity. Hence we were created as brothers and sisters of the same family of God, irrespective of race, colour, tribe or religion, and God desires that we live in love with one another.

Now listen to me, the true God does not discriminate amongst his children. This is amply evident in the way nature is fair to us humans. No matter the religion we belong to, we are all sustained by the life that comes from him. The mother earth provides for us equally: Anybody can plant his crops on the soil and it will bring forth fruits without the soil considering his religious affiliation; the sun shines and we experience the beauty of its light without prejudice to our faiths; The rain falls to water the ground without regards to our beliefs. This is the manifestation of the true God who loves his children equally.

The God of the universe does not need a special religious temple where He could be revealed to us or where we could access him. Nature and the marvelous works of His creation reveal the undeniable actuality of a supreme being who superintends over the affairs of his masterpiece. God is not far from us, in fact He lives in us. Our spirit being is an extension of his spirit because we are sustained by the ‘breath’ of his life.

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Conversely, the ubiquitous ‘God’ propagandized by religion is a mere invention of man. And just like other corrupt systems devised by man, religion is wholly man –made. God is not the author of any religion and He has nothing absolutely to do with any of them. God does not belong to any religion and no religion has a legitimate proprietorship to him. The fact that different religions hold the strong belief that their ‘god’ is different from the ‘god’ of other religions shows that they are not talking about the pre-eminent God who is unbiased towards His children. Man-made religions justify their deception by the different appellation they ascribe to their god

Another reason why the ‘religious god’ is fake is the fact that religion has greatly divided humanity and shattered the cord of our shared brotherhood. Each religion teaches its followers to alienate themselves from those who do not practice their faith. So the moment I see a fellow human being who does not belong to my religion, I am taught and programmed to perceive him as an infidel and to treat him with morbid suspicion. This divisive tendency is also common within each religious faith where you there are existence of sects and denominations.

For example as a Christian, it is common knowledge that there are multiplicity of denominations within the Christian body, with each denomination having their separate doctrines and ritual observance. There is a conspicuous lack of unity even among Christian believers so much so that mutual misgiving is the order of the day.

Now tell me, why can’t a Christian walk into any church on Sunday morning and worship God with his brethren if truly we serve the same God? Why do I need to travel miles to worship God in ‘my church’? This is a puzzle I would like my bible scholars reading this piece to help me to unravel. For me it is preposterous and laughable. This sad reality explains the astronomical rate why churches are springing up in every nooks and crannies in Nigeria. The profusion is such that you could count more than ten churches in one street of less than one kilometer distance.

Haba! This is ridiculous! Recently I saw a particular house in Egbeda- Lagos, a three story building, each floor having a different church denomination. My brother I weak! ( apologies to my Warri brothers). Only God knows the kind of ‘religious war’ that will be going on in that ‘house of babel’ as each church denomination struggles to secure their members from straying away to the church next floor.

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Apart from Christianity, other religions also have proliferation of sects, and this dangerous trend buttresses the fact that religion has never promoted the cause of our common fraternity as humans. Religion has done a grave disservice to our shared humanity. And the time has come for us to expunge it from the world and unmask its veiled deception. Any religion that tells me that except I profess to its membership I cannot have access to the true God is fake; any religion that promotes division amongst humanity by telling me that I am different from other people who do not subscribe to my religion is evil. Why should my religion tell me I am different from my brothers and sisters, simply because they belong to a different faith, No! I will not accept that lie.

Let me reiterate here to those who are under the bondage of religious indoctrination that the ‘God’ your religion portrays to you, who is a ‘God’ only to those that belong to your religion is not only fake but a man-made contraption that is designed to delude you from the knowledge of the true God. The God of the universe-the true God does not need a religion to become a God and a father to you. You do not need complicated religious rituals to relate with him. You want to ‘see’ God? Look around you, the universe, nature and all His creations reveal his existence and presence to you. You want to hear God speaks to you? Listen intently to the ‘voice of your conscience’. That voice that nudges you to good deeds- that is God speaking to you, guiding you along the path of righteousness. God is not far from you. He dwells in you and He is around you always- talking about His omnipresence.

Those that crave to know the true God must seek him outside the precinct of organized religion. Religion as a tool which was designed to hide God from you can never lead you to God.
Those that have ears let them hear!

Apostle Azemobor Gregory is a messenger of Truth and the founder of Azemobor Gregory Foundation, a charity organization promoting the cause of humanity | He can be reached on http://www.azemoborgregoryfoundation.org or Instagram: @gazemobor

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