Russia’s Massive World War 2 “Victory Day” Military Parade In Moscow


Russia’s Massive World War 2 “Victory Day” Military Parade In Moscow

More than 10,000 troops participated in the event, along with armored vehicles and aircraft.

Up to 11,000 troops marched on Moscow’s iconic Red Square on Monday as Russia celebrated the 77th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany during World War II. The conflict is largely called the Great Patriotic War in Russia, and May 9 is one of the country’s most revered holidays.


The marching columns represented all branches of Russia’s Armed Forces, including airborne troops, military police, national guardsmen and cadets.

More than 130 armored vehicles were led by the iconic T-34-85 tank, which was one of the main ‘workhorses’ of the Red Army during the war.

The state-of-the-art T-90M Proryv (Breakthrough) main battle tanks, S-400 air-defense missile systems, and Yars thermonuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles, were among other top-notch weapons showcased on the Red Square.

Vladimir Putin arrives to watch the Victory Day military parade at Red Square in central Moscow.

Vladimir Putin congratulated his troops on a ‘day of great victory’ as he addressed a Victory Day parade in Moscow today.

Thousands of Russian troops formed up in the Red Square as Russia marked the day Nazi Germany surrendered in 1945, marking the end of the Second World War in Europe.

Putin used his speech to warn against Western aggression and told his troops they are fighting for the security of Russia against what he claimed were plans to invade.

Vladimir Putin joined the Immortal Regiment march. Photo: TASS.

A Soviet-era motorbike driven by soldiers dressed in Second World War uniforms and emblazoned on the side with the Ukraine ‘Z’ war symbol takes part in a parade in Vladivostok earlier in the day.

Putin watches over a downsized military parade in Moscow’s Red Square on Monday, as a fly-past by the air force was cancelled – ostensibly due to bad weather in Moscow.

A Russian intercontinental ballistic missile – though to be the RS-24 Yars capable of carrying up to 10 warheads – drives through the Red Square during Victory Day celebrations.

Russian T-72B3M tanks take part in a military parade through Moscow’s Red Square as part of Victory Day events in Moscow, commemorating Soviet victory over Nazi Germany.

A T-34 tank – the main battle tank of the Soviet military during the Second World War – flies a Soviet banner as it processes through the Red Square during Victory Day events in Moscow.

Russian armoured vehicles process through the Red Square as part of a downsized Victory 

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