2019 Post JAMB Secrets: How To Easily Score Above 300 Marks In Post UTME


Early Preparation, solving of past exam questions and the right information are the ultimate criteria for all who want to dismantle 2019 UTME, Akahi News says.

In this series, Akahi News is ready to tutor you on how To Score Above 300 Marks In JAMB. Yes! You can Score high in JAMB with this effective JAMB CBT exam Secret for 2019 UTME candidates.

These are the tips to help you perform excellently in your upcoming JAMB exam.


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You can score more than 300 in JAMB CBT exam if you know JAMB ultimate secrets and how to prepare for JAMB exam at Akahi Tutors.

But even if you don’t know, don’t worry, this post will show you JAMB secrets and how to score high in JAMB UTME exam. The important thing though is for you to take this guide seriously and take action.

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How to score 300 and above in JAMB

Every year, there are students (like you) who score more than 300 in JAMB exam. Some even score above 350, and some (usually few though) get close to 400.

If they can score that high why can’t you? And not just that, as you should know by now, to gain admission into Nigerian universities is quite competitive. So to be in the merit list when admission lists are released, you have to “smash” JAMB.

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Now, how to score high in JAMB?

It might be easier than you thought:

1. Start early

One of the most important mistakes most vertical students build isn’t beginning early to arrange for the communicating. To most of them you hear them say one thing like “JAMB remains way.”

Some folks begin making ready for vertical only vertical type is out. Some others don’t trouble making ready till vertical lesson starts – this set of scholars solely deem two or three months vertical lesson.

However, sensible students area unit people who started reading for vertical communicating as early as potential. curiously a number of them finished O’level communicating and commenced making ready for vertical (which is comparable to WAEC, NECO, etc).

The possible out come back is this: all things being equal, you don’t stand an opportunity against such student World Health Organization started that early. She has scan vertical front and back, multiple times. she will be able to tell some answers while not even reading the inquiries to the top.

That’s however you steel onself for JAMB: begin early and skim everything completely and over and over again!

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2. Study JAMB past questions

No one must be told that JAMB past queries and answers is probably the foremost powerful tool to organize for UTME examination.

Why so?

>JAMB past queries can assist you grasp the sort of queries JAMB sets.
>JAMB repeats queries often! typically verbatim, typically paraphrased
>Speed & accuracy: after you study past queries completely, over and another time you get to extend the speed with that you answer the queries as a result of you’re currently at home with such queries having solved it multiple times before
> Boost your confidence: finding out past queries facilitate boost your confidence. It helps you perceive and believe you’ll screw. “I will score high in JAMB!”
> Why not transfer our vertical past queries and answers PDF and begin right now? All you wish to try to to is choose your subjects and transfer. Please transfer Akahi Tutors  JAMB Past Questions and Answers PDF.

3. Be on track

To get on track here suggests that to understand what upright needs of you. Some individuals study off topics as a result of they’re not properly radio-controlled.

In this case you would like to require a glance at upright programme to understand that areas upright expects you to hide. Please see JAMB syllabus for all subjects.

4. Practice JAMB CBT (esp. if you have never taken CBT exam before)

Additionally, if you’re not conversant in pc based mostly communication (CBT), you would possibly need to urgeconversant in it. That is, the way to answer upright queries with pc. It’s terribly simple.

NOTE: You need to register with Akahi Tutors to score high marks – Call Akahi Tutors Rep- 08038644328

Please share this post. All the best in your JAMB exam. Note:

  • start early to prepare for JAMB
  • Study JAMB past questions thoroughly
  • Practice for JAMB CBT exam
  • Don’t study irrelevant topics
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