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See How Google Doodles Celebrates Samuel Okwaraji’s 55th Birthday Today


See How Google Doodles Celebrates Samuel Okwaraji’s 55th Birthday Today.

Samuel Sochukwuma Okwaraji (19 May 1964 – 12 August 1989) was an expert footballer who played universally for Nigeria. He was likewise a certified legal advisor who had a bosses in worldwide law from the Pontifical Lateran University of Rome.

Google Celebrates Samuel Okwaraji Birthday Samuel Okwaraji would have been 55 Today


Samuel Okwaraji: Death During National Service

Samuel Sochukwuma Okwaraji was conceived on this day in 1964. He will dependably be recognized as a player who passed on over the span of administration for his nation.

A brilliant understudy, the Orlu-conceived Okwaraji had a Masters certificate in International law from the Pontifical Lateran University, Rome yet sought after his football intrigue.

Happy Birthday Samuel Okwaraji would have been 55 Today

Amid his football years, the 25-year-old delighted in triumphs as he had a stretch with European football clubs; AS Roma, Austria Klagenfurt, NK Dinamo Zagreb, VfB Stuttgart. All things considered, he was made an individual from the Green Eagles squad of 1988 and scored of the quickest objectives in the historical backdrop of the African Nations Cup.

After a year, on August 12, 1989, the footballer who had gotten the consideration of the Nigerians crumbled on the pitch at the 77 minute at the 1990 World Cup he passed on. A dissection later uncovered that he had an augmented heart and hypertension.

Cheerful Birthday! Samuel Okwaraji would have been 55 Today

55 years back a standout amongst Nigeria’s most notorious footballers was conceived and after death we observe Samuel Okwaraji.

Okwaraji played for the Super Eagles in a brief profession, that finished lamentably when he crumbled amid a World Cup qualifier inside the National Stadium in Lagos.

He was later articulated dead, from a clear heart disappointment.

Okwaraji earned 8 tops for Nigeria and scored an objective, he was multi year-old.

The Truth Behind The Myth Of Samuel Okwaraji’s Death Against India



For all intents and purposes everyone conceived before the innovation of

the web more likely than not heard the story of a

nonexistent football coordinate among Nigeria and

India that clearly occurred in a parallel

universe and by one way or another we got the opportunity to hear the bloody

accounts of that coordinate.

Despite the fact that there are numerous varieties of the story,

each prevaricator appears to concede to two or three

certainties about this anecdotal football coordinate.


story teller concurs that;

1. This match finished with India scoring 99 objectives

furthermore, Nigeria scoring only one objective.

2. Nigerians where unfit to kick the ball in light of the fact that

the football held swinging to a lion (or something

startling) to keep them from playing the soccer


3. The Indians later concurred that if Nigeria could

score an objective, they would yield rout

4. Samuel Okwaraji scored the triumphant objective and

lost his life simultaneously.

5. FIFA prohibited India from soccer since they

utilized dark enchantment in that extremely diversion With the assistance of presence of mind (not that it was

missing in those days), brisk access to data

also, the web, each correct reasoning Nigerian

has come to understand that such a story ought to be

filled under “Obtrusive Lies”.


For what reason Did This Story Thrive For So Long?

The vast majority like to go off this story as evident

with the way that nobody has ever observed India in an

Worldwide Football Match. Since nobody

in reality observed India take an interest in most

global soccer matches, this gave a little

assurance to the story. India

Another reason this falsehood could flourish for long was

the way that valid data was most certainly not

promptly accessible readily available. Dislike

each Emeka, Audu and Ojo could visit Google in a

matter of minutes and tell our dismal

fabricators that they should quit spreading lethal falsehoods.

Furthermore, to be straightforward we have a shivering inclination that

this untruth was composed by a senior of a network

since, let’s face it who addresses the expressions of

the older folks in Nigeria. Keep in mind, what a grown-up

sees plunking down a tyke will never observe regardless of whether he

counsels Google, Siri or Cortana.

The Element of Truth In This Story

On the twelfth of August 1989, Nigeria lost Sam


Sam Okwaraji was the player reputed to have lost

his life in that diversion when in truth he kicked the bucket amid

a FIFA World Cup qualifying diversion against Angola

in the 77th moment.

He fallen and kicked the bucket of intellectual heart disappointment.

May his spirit rest in Perfect Peace. So be it

So that is the main honest thing about that

story, the way that a Nigerian player passed on

amid a football coordinate. That is it. The match was

not against India, we didn’t lose the match and

as you more likely than not speculated, and there were no lions


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