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Sen. Abaribe tells Buhari to publicly disown support for ‘criminal’ herdsmen


Senator, Enyinnaya Abaribe says the President, Muhammadu Buhari, needs to declare his non-support for criminal herdsmen publicly.

Abaribe said this while speaking on Monday with newsmen. He pointed out that the government has failed to dish appropriate punishment to suspected violent herdsmen.

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According to him, he argues that the President should be bothered that a set of people are being associated with crimes in almost all parts of the country.

He said, “The President needs to come out and say categorically that he does not support the activities of violent herdsmen.

“He needs to say I do not support their actions, Buhari needs to come out for every Nigerian to see his intention to own this problem.

“Why wouldn’t you as chief executive of a country come out and say I’m giving marching orders to security agencies that these cannot continue to happen.

“Where has the President ever said publicly that these criminal herdsmen will never be tolerated.

“I’ve only heard his Spokesman, Adesina says it and not from him.

“What we’ve heard from 2006 is living in peace with your neighbor, try to accommodate your countrymen and stuff of that nature.

“This enables those that are committing these crimes that there is no punishment.

“As a president, you should be very worried when you see things happening in the country targeted at a particular set of people. You should ask what is it that makes these people continue to commit these crimes.”

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