Strictly come dancing star, Neil Jones’ girlfriend allegedly cheated on him with a female student just two weeks after they started dating

                         UK hit TV show 'Strictly Come Dancing' star Neil Jones’s girlfriend, Luisa Eusse cheated on him by having sex with a female Spanish beauty in his bed at 5a.m after meeting her in a club, according to an exclusive report by Sun UK.  The report comes after Neil Jones, 38, announced just two weeks ago he had started dating Luisa. Heavily tatooed Colombian Luisa Eusse, 23, met a girl Daniela Becerra while clubbing and invited her back for sex. Luisa drove her in Neil’s Tesla sports car to his apartment and only after the 5am sex did Luisa reveal she was in a relationship, by calling Neil her husband, according to the Sun UK. According to the report, Daniela, 20 (pictured below), told a pal: “Afterwards, in bed, she told me she had actually dated a girl for two years. But she was now dating some new guy.  “Then she told me they were married. I was a bit shocked because I had no idea.“I said, ‘Oh, so you’ve just cheated on him with me’. It was shocking. I was ready to go home.”“There was a game on our table — it was a spin-the-bottle version of truth or dare."We couldn’t move around the club or dance because of coronavirus restrictions, so it seemed like a fun plan.“Luisa had a forfeit to kiss someone, and chose me. We didn’t look back. She whispered she wanted me to come with her to her house. We were flirting with each other the entire night.” Performance art student Daniela agreed to go with Luisa as long as her friends could come along.“I didn’t know who she was, so why should I go to her house by myself?“She drove me to Wembley in a white Tesla. My friends ordered an Uber. When we arrived I assumed it was her place. We were listening to music.” Luisa started pulling Daniela to the bedroom, whispering seductively in her ear.“She asked me if I wanted to go to her bedroom. She cheated on Neil with me. We had sex.“We were in the bedroom for an hour — a long time. It wasn’t a quick ten minutes.” After leaving at around 6am, Daniela’s friends told her what they had learned during conversations with Luisa. Daniela, of Croydon, South London, told them: “I had no idea who Neil Jones was. I follow the Spanish version of Strictly Come Dancing, not the one here."Luisa’s pretty. But after she told me about her man I knew it was a one-time thing. I couldn’t do it again.” Luisa had arrived in the UK on a “fiancee visa” planning to wed superstar DJ Hannah Wants, 34. But they split in July and she started dating Neil. Luisa was facing deportation after her ex told the Home Office she was now an illegal immigrant. The post Strictly come dancing star, Neil Jones’ girlfriend allegedly cheated on him with a female student just two weeks after they started dating appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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