Students Incarcerated For Beating A Bawd Who Declined S*x Without Condom


4 College students all understudies of a tertiary institution in Ede, Osun State, have been remanded on the Ilesa Jail for supposedly beating a hooker for declining to have sexual activity with out condom, the names of the scholars are James Oluwaseun, Abdulah Olamide, Samuel Okoya and Isreal Babatunde.

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As indicated by a report by DailyTrust, one of many charged had purportedly gotten the 30-year-old mother-of-two at Pavilion loosen up in Osogbo, with the consent to pay her N5,000.


Be that as it might, after they returned house, he was stated to have demanded that he would interact in sexual relations together with her with out condom, but she purportedly declined.

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This prompted a warmed rivalry and when the woman was leaving the subsequent day, the charged wouldn’t pay her, asserting that they did not have intercourse. .

Within the interim, the hooker demanded gathering her money, since she went by means of the night time and that not participating in sexual relations was not her difficulty. This prompted one other rivalry, with three companions of the important presume take part. .

Concurrently, the 4 males blamed the woman for taking just a few data in the home and so they proceeded to strike her. The problem was later introduced on the Ede ‘B’ Divisional Police Station the place the 4 charged people had been confined.

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The suspects had been later charged underneath the regular gaze of an officers’ court within the state. The Justice of the Peace, A.A Olowolagba, was stated to have allowed them safeguard, nonetheless they had been taken to jail after they could not meet the circumstances.

Students Incarcerated For Beating A Bawd Who Declined Sex Without CondomStudents Incarcerated For Beating A Bawd Who Declined Sex Without Condom1Students Incarcerated For Beating A Bawd Who Declined Sex Without Condom2Students Incarcerated For Beating A Bawd Who Declined Sex Without Condom3

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