Tension In Ajah As Hoodlums Clash With Police

Fear grips residents of Ajah area of Lagos State as police operatives and hoodlums clashed on Sunday, November 15, 2020.


There is unrest going on at General Paint after Abraham Adesanya after a team of police operatives raided the area in the morning.

The crisis began when a team of soldiers and police operatives deployed to the area to quell the recent insecurity around the area, went into a community of shanties where hoodlums and gang members mostly reside, around general paint, and in an effort to chase them out, burnt down some of the shanties which led to an exchange of gunfire between the operatives and hoodlums. After the team left, the hoodlums hit the road in protest, robbing commuters and attacking cars around the area which caused a lot of damage, and caused a team of army personnel to be deployed to contain the situation. As at 3:30 PM, the fire was still burning the shanties and residents and passersby have been encouraged to be vigilant while passing the area.

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