The 9jaflaver Dear Artist Show Will Be An Audio Podcast Show (Get In Here For Details)

The 9jaflaver Dear Artist Show Will Be An Audio Podcast Show (Get In Here For Details)

The highly anticipated dear artist 9jaflaver podcast show which will be an educative section for upcoming music artiste will commence soon, but we’ll like you to understand what the podcast show will be like, some upcoming music artists are already picturing a live stage where the CEO of 9jaflaver will stand on with a microphone, actually if you’re picturing this kind of show, then I’ll like to let you know that that’s not the kind of show we’re planning for you the upcoming music artists…


First of all, I think I show explain to you what the podcast show is and what it’ll be like…

The podcast show is going to be in audio form which you can only listen to here on, I believe you know what a radio station is, like FM stations and all, hope you do understand how a radio station functions in audio form whereby you listen to what the presenter speaks, yes, exactly, that’s how the podcast show is gonna be like, but this time you wont need a radio station to access our podcast show, all you have to do is this, when the podcast show commence, you come to at a specific date and time when we’ll drop our podcast episode by episode, weekly, and each episode will carry very very educative topic for upcoming music artists to digest with ease, it’s gonna be really easy, come to and download the episode for the week in an audio form and listen to it with ease, no stress at all, as easy as downloading music or freebeat

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I hope you now understand properly

Thank you!!

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