The Moment Saka Audu, Kogi State Commissioner Wept Over Looted Medical Equipment (Video)

Saka Audu, the Kogi State Commissioner for Health, wept mercilessly during his inspection after the medical centre was vandalized.


The commissioner while addressing the press, cried over the destruction of medical equipment worth billions of Naira.

Saka Audu said that the Kogi State government lost the entire medical store to looters.

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The medical equipment lost, includes the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machines (MRI), Computer Tomography Machines, Digital Mammography, Digital Radiography, Test Kits, Drugs, Pharmaceuticals Consumables, Refrigerators for vaccines, Solar Power unit, laboratory equipment’s and others.

“We lost the entire contents of Kogi State medical store.

“Equipment worth billions of naira were stolen. Those that couldn’t be stolen, like the walk-in refrigerator for immunization, where our vaccines are stored, components of our MRI and CT scan were vandalized beyond repair. Others were moved from the store and broke into pieces in nearby bushes.

“It is indeed a very unfortunate development that the state will find it difficult to recover from as we don’t have the capacity to provide what have carted away or vandalized in a short time,” Audu said.

Watch The Video Below;

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