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Two Culprits Apprehended For Seizing Little Baby While Mountain Of Fire Programme Was On


Two suspects have been caught for commandeering only a little infant recognized as Esther Ojo, in the midst of a Mountain of Fireplace Church program in Lagos, Akahi News surveys.

Two Gangsters Captured For Seizing Innocent Baby Amid Mountain Of Fire Church Programme

The two-year-old toddler, Esther Ojo,who was saved by police analysts, was grabbed on the Mountain of Fireplace Ministry, MFM, in Agege. The speculates who have been captured for abducting the little baby on the Mountain of Fireplace Church program round 12:30pm on the 24th of March, 2019, purportedly requested an undisclosed payoff from her people and the congregation.


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The police who gave their names as Nwaigbo Magnus and Sixtus Osunwoke Egwim, stated they have been caught round 8a.m, at the moment, whereas holding on to get the payoff. It was gathered that they modified the scene for the gathering of cost inside Igando hub for greater than 4 hours, till they have been gathered collectively by the police.

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Upon cross examination, they surrendered the realm the place 2-year-old Esther Ojo was held in. The kid has simply been introduced collectively together with her people, Mr and Mrs Jame Oladipo Ojo.

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