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UI Post UTME Past Questions And Detailed Answers (University Of Ibadan)

Choose the option that is nearest in meaning to the word underlined:
58. In this matter, we must be prepared to tolerate human frailty. (A)
inquisitiveness (B) weakness (C) profligacy (D) innovation. B
59. I detest his lackadaisical attitude. (A) carefree (B) lazy (C) supercilious (D) A
60. Nobody will endure such profligate spending habits. (A) generous (B) C
arrogant (C) wasteful (D) mindless.
61. Is he oblivious of the political situation in his community? (A) unconscious (B) A
conscious (C) afraid (D) intolerant.
62. Many people look into the future with trepidation . (A) certainty (B) C
uncertainty (C) fear (D) faith.
63. Can you marry such a lanky man? (A) tall and thin (B) sturdy (C) fat and short
(D) tall and short. A
64. The election system we adopted was his brainchild. (A) undoing factor (B) B
invention (C) power (D) fabrication
Choose the option opposite in meaning to the word underlined.
65. Peter always approaches issues optimistically. (A) realistically (B) B
pessimistically (C) carelessly (D) unrealistically.

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