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UI Post UTME Past Questions And Detailed Answers (University Of Ibadan)

96. A noun phrase lacks one of the following: (A) noun (B) verb (C) adjective (D) B
97. Eve gave Adam an apple. An apple in the sentence functions as————.(A) B
subject of the verb ‘gave’ (B) direct object of the verb (C) indirect object of the verb (D) object complement
98. I wonder if you know where he lives. This sentence is a(n) …… (A) thoughtful A
statement (B) polite command (C) indirect question (D) subtle exclamation.
99. An example of gradable adjectives is … (A) each (B) beautiful (C) dead (D) B
100. A clause differs from a phrase because a clause contains ………. (A) a larger C
number of words (B) a fewer number of words (C) a finite verb (D) a non- finite verb

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