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Nigeria has a troubled power sector which is however undergoing reforms that, hopefully, should usher in era of private sector dominance in terms of ownership and management of generation and distribution. In this transitory phase, it is crucial to lay a foundation for local sourcing of vital inputs and make it the norm for the industry. That is the only way to prevent a replication of the trend in the oil and gas sub-sector, where capital flight is as much as $ 16 billion per annum, as revealed by the Petroleum Technology Development Fund.
The PHCN could legitimately insist on quality and standards in its procurement of equipment and materials, but what is playing out is an institutional orientation, evinced in several pursuits of the PHCN that are contemptuous of Nigeria’s aspiration for local content development. In 1998, the defunct National Electric Power Authority defied a directive by the then Minister of Power and steel, Alhaji Bashir Dalhatu, to source its costable components from Nigerian foundries, some of which are of high standards. Actuated by a realization of idle capacity in the foundries and the need to conserve foreign exchange, the Minister applied appropriate pressure on the management of NEPA but found his efforts frustrated. The acute shortage or inefficiency in the metering programme originated from the fact that the only local manufacturer then, the Federal Government-owned electricity Meter Company in Zaria, Kaduna State, established in 1976, but sold to Dantata Investments Limited in December 2002, is not performing.
(Adapted from The Punch, Wednesday, May 25, 2011. Pg. 18)

  1. Why is there shortage of meter? C A. Non-performance of PHCN
    B. Non-performance of NEPA
    C. Non-performance of the Federal Government-owned electricity
    Meter Company
    D. Non-performance of Dantata Investment Ltd.
  2. According to the passage, the solution to the problem in the power sector lies in A A. Sourcing for materials locally
    B. Getting costable components
    C. Obeying the minister
    D. Getting $ 16 billion per annum
  3. From the passage it is clear that B A. There is money in the country
    B. There is shortage of electricity meter
    C. NEPA is better than PHCN D. NEPA was formed in 1998
  4. Which of these is not true of the power sector C A. There is only one local manufacturer of electricity meter
    B. The power sector is undergoing reforms
    C. The problem of the power sector cannot be solved
    D. there was procurement of equipment and materials
  5. Which of these is undergoing reforms? D A. NEPA
    B. PHCN C. Nigeria
    D. The power sector
  6. A suitable title for this passage is D A. Nigeria and her problems
    B. NEPA versus PHCN C. Electricity meter
    D. Problems in the power sector

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