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UI Post UTME Past Questions And Detailed Answers (University Of Ibadan)

Choose the option that best completes the gap:

  1. University students ……………..behave well. (A) can (B) should (C) may (D) B
  2. Gloria ………….. have finished the project two days ago. (A) must (B) may (C) A
    can (D) supposed to
  3. You are Goodluck, …..? (A) are you? (B) aren’t you? (C) are’nt you? (D) don’t B
  4. He ……………. not come now (A) needs (B) needed (C) need (D) will need C
  5. Janet …..to know that we are all here. (A) suppose (B) supposes (C) is C
    supposed (D) should suppose
  6. Let it be ….. that there was no king in Ayegun. (A)know (B) knew (C) known C (D) knows
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