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UPDATE: How Sokoto female student was killed for criticising ‘unwarranted messages’ in WhatsApp Group


The cause of the gruesome murder of a female student of the Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto State, by her colleagues for allegedly insulting Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has been revealed.

WITHIN NIGERIA had earlier reported that the female student was burnt to death by her colleagues for allegedly insulting Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

According to SaharaReporters, a Twitter link revealed that the female student’s gruesome murder was connected to a voice note she sent to her class’ WhatsApp group.


The deceased student was said to have sent a voice note, protesting against the incessant sending of unnecessary messages to the group by her mates.


The original voice note posted here has now been deleted.

She was heard lamenting in Hausa language to a religious broadcast message sent by another student to the group.

In a loose translation, she said, “This group chat was not created for you to be sending nonsense. It is for past questions, updates about tests or other school matters. Not for nonsense or some rubbish prophet.”

It was gathered the usage of the phrase “nonsense prophet” might have angered the angry attackers and propelled the fatal assault against her.


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  1. I don’t find that insulting to Prophet Muhammad at all. When somebody is pissed off as she definitely was, the person being human can react negatively as she did. How was she pissed off, you may ask? She was pissed off because the subject matter of the Whatsapp study group has been hijacked and overshadowed by insensitive dramatization of Islamic faith in Prophet Muhammad as the main capacitor in passing the upcoming examination the group is facing; it is insensitive because the peddlers of the aforesaid dramatization were ignorant of the fact that there is a non-islamic student in the group. Apparently her outburst did not realm well with the peddlers of Islamic prophet, and when the exam was taken and the results released, these peddlers were still aggrieved over her outburst and were determined to kill her henceforth, so they found an opportunity when it became public knowledge that Deborah Yakubu passed the exam and ceased it, because they know very well that Deborah will praise Jesus for her success in passing the exam, so they asked her how she managed to pass the exam on top of everybody in the study group, and she said “Jesus” made her pass the exam and not Mohammad or islam they were dramatizing in the Whatsapp study group, and so they convicted her of blaspheming against Mohammad and killed her according to islamic injunctions and teachings in the Quran.

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