Why US Authorities Ban Study Visa For Nigerians Students


Trump has requested that the issuance of Study Visas to be delayed uncertainly until further notice.

Donald Trump Signs

As the Trump organization considers another movement measure to force visa limitations on nations whose residents have a reputation of exceeding past the legitimacy of their momentary US visas.


By and by the connection between the legislature of the bureaucratic republic of Nigeria and the legislature of the United States of America [USA] may have set off the Trump organization into issuing informal mandate to the Homeland Security educating for the stipulations for section into the USA for understudy candidates for study visas to be ‘frosted’ and put on “stopped” inconclusively until the movement approaches are authoritatively revised.

Nigeria especially gets a greater part of non-outsider B1/B2 visas issued to Africans. It represented over 25% [132,137] of visas issued to Africans in 2018 alone.

The USA migration office have successfully ended issuing understudy visas to understudies originating from Nigeria until further notice. This is until the Trump organization pushes through its migration approach to certainty.

A movement officer in New Jersey, North East locale of USA who addressed us expressed that most of understudies originating from Nigeria don’t come back to endless supply of their examinations. “They outstay”. The officer included the rundown of build-up of understudies anticipating visa issuance is long and developing accordingly.

The USA migration had recently made the procedure of visa application troublesome and expensive. In Nigeria, the handling and related expenses is gauge N400,000 for each applicate. The charges are non-refundable. Upon non endorsement, the candidate can just reapply following a half year subsequent to paying the preparing charges once more.

Immigration To USA Travellers

However, the most recent orders have stopped the handling inconclusively, informally.

However, all the more harming is the activity against assumed stolen reserves and degenerate government officials. The movement office working under the direction of Homeland Security have labeled dominant part of the understudies looking for study visas as offspring of political pioneers holding elective workplaces in Nigeria. The Immigration in actuality have started mentioning for wellspring of salary.

Beforehand, the migration mentioned for demonstrate of capacity to accommodate school charges, boarding and other related costs. In any case, that has changed. The workplace currently demands for wellspring of salary, proof assets are real assets. Accordingly, many have dismissed. Many would-be understudies, offspring of top government officials in Nigeria unfit to give persuading proof regarding wellspring of salary have gone to different nations.

Nigerians In USA Students In USA

Tertiary organizations in the USA are feeling the squeeze. The outside understudy body which structure a huge level of income for the colleges have since diminished discernibly.

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